Field Report: The Iron Ceiling

Field Report: The Iron Ceiling

Working for the covert SSR, Agent Peggy Carter finds herself stuck doing administrative work when she would rather be back out in the field taking down the bad guys. For more intel, access the Field Report below for the "The Iron Ceiling" episode of Marvel's Agent Carter.

Code Breaker: Jarvis tries to make things right with Peggy, who is having none of it. Later, Chief Dooley approached Howard Stark’s right-hand man. He’s only looking for the truth. At the SSR offices, the race is on to decipher the message that came in on the recently-seized typewriter machine. Can Peggy crack the code?

Going Commando: In the coded message, there’s mention of Leviathan, a covert Russian organization according to Dooley. The rest of the message suggests Howard Stark is selling weapons to the Russians. The only way Peggy can go on an overseas mission is if she can deliver 107th Regiment, aka the Howling Commandos.

She’s Not Really from Iowa: In 1937 Russia, young girls are handcuffed to their beds at night. When they awaken, they are shown films and trained in lethal combat. Dottie Underwood was one of the young girls kept at this brutal boarding school. Her training skills allow her to break into Peggy’s pad with ease. What does she find?

Getting Schooled: Peggy’s team infiltrates the boarding school that was used back when Dottie was a young girl. The films they watched there were filled with subliminal messages like “instill fear.” A child’s cry is heard in the distance. Could this be a trap?

Girl Power: After finding two prisoners, escape is going to be tricky. The genius engineer the team found is shot dead by his shrink when he tries to negotiate an escape with the bad guys. Peggy calls for an exit plan from Dum-Dum Dugan as Thompson, who later confesses a secret, freezes under pressure.

Read the detailed report for "The Iron Ceiling."

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