Field Report: A Sin to Err

Field Report: A Sin to Err

Working for the covert SSR, Agent Peggy Carter finds herself stuck doing administrative work when she would rather be back out in the field taking down the bad guys. For more intel, access the Field Report below for the "A Sin to Err" episode of Marvel's Agent Carter.

You Can’t Stop Her, You Can Only Hope to Contain Her: Chief Dooley gives Peggy permission to follow her hunch on a female assassin trained by Leviathan. Agent Sousa chats with Sheldon McFee, the milk truck driver who was caught transporting explosives in “Bridge and Tunnel.” The guy identifies Peggy as the person who beat him up. Suddenly, the SSR has a new prime suspect.

Crosshairs and Crossroads: Peggy goes into full takedown mode to make an escape. Unfortunately, Thompson is waiting outside for her. Peggy has no choice but to take him down, too. Sousa shows up moments later, but will he actually be able to pull the trigger on Peggy?

Life on the Ledge: Peggy races to her apartment looking to retrieve Steve Rogers’s blood. Thompson, Sousa and a team of agents are in hot pursuit. Peggy steps out onto the building’s ledge to avoid capture. She carefully edges her way over to the next apartment. Fortunately, a friend lives there.

Until We Meet Again: Angie had mentioned plans to give up acting earlier. She’s reconsidering all that now. She knew Peggy didn’t work for the phone company! Angie looks forward to learning what all this is about someday. Until then, she bids adieu to her friend.

Kiss of Near-Death: After saying goodbye to Angie, Peggy steps down the hall where another familiar face waits. Dottie steps up to Peggy. She plants a completely unexpected kiss on her with a completely unexpected result.

Peggy, You Got Some ‘Splainin To Do: Peggy realizes that this girl from Iowa is not who she seems just before falling unconscious. Dottie pulls out a switchblade, but SSR agents arrive before she can do anything. This is both good news and bad news for Agent Peggy Carter.

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