Field Report: SNAFU

Field Report: SNAFU

Working for the covert SSR, Agent Peggy Carter finds herself stuck doing administrative work when she would rather be back out in the field taking down the bad guys. For more intel, access the Field Report below for the "SNAFU" episode of Marvel's Agent Carter.

Suddenly Unemployed: The SSR wants Peggy to give up Howard Stark. That’s not going to happen. She calls out her colleagues on their misconceptions about her. Jarvis claims to have a signed confession from Howard Stark. It’s an attempt to free Peggy. This only kinda works, as she’s booted from the SSR. Later, Peggy makes a confession of her own.

Leviathan is Coming: Peggy comes clean in order to get her former colleagues to believe that Dr. Ivchenko is one of the bad guys. She spills the details of the last remaining sample of Captain America's blood.Chief Dooley isn’t sold on Peggy’s story. He has no idea Leviathan is coming. However, Peggy does.

The Stare Master and the Stair Master: Dooley sends a team over to check out the building across the street. He then becomes a victim to the evil doc’s mind games. Dooley locks Peggy and Jarvis in the interrogation room at gunpoint. As for the team that was sent across the street, they find it tough to follow the bouncing Dottie.

Farewell to a Hero: Chief Dooley shuts down the SSR research lab as Ivchenko tricks him into donning a special vest. Jarvis explains that it’s a prototype for a new system of armor. It overheats with explosive results. This leads to one good man performing one last heroic act.

Violence in Movies: Peggy fears that Ivchenko has stolen Captain America’s blood. He hasn’t. Instead, he’s taken a mystery item. No one knows what it does. Elsewhere, Dottie brings the baby carriage she purchased earlier into a movie theater. She sets off the container that rests inside it to emit some kind of gas.


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