Field Report: Season One Finale "Valediction"

Field Report: Season One Finale "Valediction"

Working for the covert SSR, Agent Peggy Carter finds herself stuck doing administrative work when she would rather be back out in the field taking down the bad guys. For more intel, access the Field Report below for the Season One Finale "Valediction" episode of Marvel's Agent Carter.

The Return of Howard Stark: At the end of “SNAFU,” Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie set forth a plan that resulted in a deadly melee in a movie theater. Forty-seven people are dead. Peggy believes Ivchenko has a plan for the other 10 canisters. He has a target in mind. Howard Stark believes it’s him.

Bait: Once he’s arrested, Howard Stark reveals that he unintentionally created a product for the army that leads to psychosis. It’s what led to the tragedy at Fennel. It’s what’s given Stark a guilty conscious. Howard wants to put himself out there as bait to catch the bad guys.

Saving Captain America: The assassination attempt was a diversion for the kidnapping of Howard Stark. Jarvis thinks the bad guys are headed for his boss’s hidden vault of planes. Howard had shown it to Dottie six months earlier. In the present day, Howard falls under Ivchenko’s hypnotic spell. He’s brought back to a time when he believes he can save an old friend.

Slugfest: Howard Stark has already taken off in one of his planes. Jarvis knows that he’s the only one who can fly a second aircraft with the purpose of shooting him down. As for Peggy, she tracks down Ivchenko. She gets into a brutal slugfest with Dottie.

Letting Go: Howard’s plane is headed for New York City. Jarvis is in pursuit. He asks Peggy if he should take the shot. The answer is no. Peggy desperately tries to convince Howard that Steve Rogers is gone. They all have to move on. They have to let him go.

Respect, Finally: Peggy and Howard are reunited in the hangar as Ivchenko is arrested. As for Dottie, she escapes. Peggy realizes that they’ll be seeing her again someday. She returns to the SSR offices to a steady stream of applause from her colleagues. They finally realize her value. It’s someone she was aware of all along.

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