5 Fiercest Fight Scenes... So Far

5 Fiercest Fight Scenes... So Far

Each week, Marvel's Agent Carter treats us to dazzling action sequences and fight scenes. Here are our favorite kick-ass action moments so far.

1. Dottie's Shocking Move

In "The Blitzkrieg Button," Peggy's neighbor Dottie proves to be more than just another wide-eyed farm girl, using some serious moves to take down the mysterious man following Peggy.



2. Taking Care of Business
In "Now Is Not the End," Peggy takes down a goon with an office stapler, proving she is nothing if not the consummate professional.



3. Kitchen Clash
Things gets heated in the kitchen when Peggy fights the Green Suit Man in the "Now Is Not the End." Peggy is so ferocious, we'd almost feel bad for the guy — if he hadn't just killed sweet Colleen.



4. Who Needs Captain America?
In "Bridge and Tunnel," a helpless caricature of Peggy appears on the Captain America Radio Hour, while in real life Peggy takes down the milk man hiding the Nitramene.




5.  Manners Matter

Also in "Now Is Not the End," Peggy lays down the law with a rude customer who has a habit of harassing Angie. We're pretty sure he's going to tip generously from now on.





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