Top 10 Moments of the Season

Top 10 Moments of the Season

With the season finale of Marvel’s Agent Carter a mere few days away, that can only mean one thing: there’s just one more episode left of the season for Peggy Carter and the gang to save the world! Here are our picks for the top 10 moments of the season.

1. Peggy the Mystery Blonde

In “Now is Not the End,” Spider Raymond is a club owner (with a weakness for blondes) who is fencing Howard Stark’s inventions. A blonde-wigged Peggy seductively questions him then kisses him, knocking him out thanks to some potent lipstick. Peggy breaks into Spider’s safe to discover the formula has already been made into a weapon which she must defuse.

2. Krzeminski is Killed 

In “Time and Tide,“ Peggy and Jarvis find some of Howard Stark’s stolen inventions, but the only way to truly clear Stark’s name is to do so from the shadows. Their necessary actions lead to the murder of Agent Ray Krzeminski.

3. Peggy Retrieves… Captain America?

In “The Blitzkrieg Button,“ Peggy breaks into the SSR lab to find Howard Stark’s invention. Following her instincts, she nervously presses the button on the device. There’s no power failure when Peggy activates Stark’s device, for the only thing inside is a vial. Peggy punches Howard upon learning the truth about what’s in it - upon learning the truth about Captain America. 

4. Dottie's Killer Moves

In “The Blitzkrieg Button,” bad man Otto Mink sneaks into the Griffith. He orders bubbly Dottie Underwood to go back into the room. He’s startled when she recognizes that his gun is an automatic. Mink has no time to react when Dottie springs into action. 

5. Peggy is Allowed to Go on a Mission

In “The Iron Ceiling,” Peggy is finally allowed to go on a mission. However, the only way Peggy can go on the overseas mission is if she can deliver 107th Regiment, aka the Howling Commandos.  She can. 

6. Sousa Uncovers the Mystery Blonde

In “The Iron Ceiling,“ Sousa puts pieces of the puzzle together when he accidentally walks in on Peggy changing. He catches a glimpse of two distinct bullet hole marks on her shoulder – just like the ones on the Mystery Blonde in the photos.

7. Angie's Award-Winning Performance

In “A Sin to Err,“ Thompson, Sousa and a team of agents are in hot pursuit of Peggy, who steps out onto the building’s ledge to avoid capture. She carefully edges her way over to the next apartment - fortunately, a friend lives there. Angie covers for her secretive friend using her best acting skills. 

8. Dottie Gives Peggy a Knock-Out Kiss

In “A Sin to Err,“ after saying goodbye to Angie, Peggy steps down the hall where another familiar face waits. Dottie steps up to Peggy, planting a completely unexpected kiss on her. Peggy realizes that this girl from Iowa is not who she seems just before falling unconscious. 

9. Peggy’s Confession

In “SNAFU,” after getting booted from the SSR, Peggy comes clean in order to get her former colleagues to believe that Dr. Ivchenko is one of the bad guys. She spills the details of the last remaining sample of Captain America's blood. 

10. Chief Dooley's Last Heroic Move

In “SNAFU,“ Chief Dooley shuts down the SSR research lab as Doctor Ivchenko tricks him into donning a special vest. Jarvis explains that it’s a prototype for a new system of armor. It overheats with explosive results. This leads to one good man performing one last heroic act. 


Tune in to the season finale of Marvel's Agent Carter TUESDAY FEB 24 9|8c.



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