Top 10 Moments of Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2

Top 10 Moments of Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2

With the Marvel's Agent Carter season 2 finale just around the bend, it's time to take a look at the biggest moments of this season! Season 2 brought Agent Peggy Carter and the gang to sunny Los Angeles where there was no shortage of adventure. Here are our picks for the top 10 moments of the season:

1. Dottie and Peggy Reunite

In the season 2 premiere, "The Lady in the Lake," Peggy reunites with Dottie Underwood when Peg's old neighbor impersonates Agent Carter during a bank heist. Dressed as Peggy, Dottie performs a bank heist. When she forces the safe open, Peggy and the SSR surface to make their arrest. Dottie doesn't give up without a fight, but Peggy defeats and arrests her.

2. Peggy Goes to Hollywood! 

In "The Lady in the Lake," Chief Thompson assigns Agent Carter to the SSR in Los Angeles, telling her Chief Sousa requested her on a case going on out there. Making her way to the City of Angels, Peggy reunites with her partner-in-crime, Mr. Jarvis. Are they ready for another adventure?

3. Is Sousa Over Peggy?

When Peggy stops by the West Coast SSR office in "The Lady in the Lake," Sousa's face says it all: he had no idea that she was coming to help with the investigation... and it's clear he didn't request her. Could his feelings for Agent Carter have faded?

4. Peggy Meets Wilkes

While on a mission with Sousa, Peggy sneaks her way into Isodyne Energy looking for clues... and bumps into charming Isodyne scientist, Dr. Jason Wilkes.

5. Wilkes and Peggy Kiss

In "A View in the Dark," after Wilkes teams up with Peggy and shares intel about Isodyne, she shows her a video of Zero Matter, the specimen that killed Jane Scott. It's not long before the two are entangled in danger and go on the run. Finding themselves getting cozy in a broken telephone booth, Wilkes plants on a kiss on Peggy -- and she kisses him right back. 


6. Peggy's Past Comes to Light

In "Smoke & Mirrors," in a series of flashbacks, Peggy's former life comes to light and explains why she decided to make the choices she's made that has led to her life as a spy. In one flashback, we meet Peggy's older brother, Michael. After meeting Peggy's fiance for the first time, Michael reveals to his sister that he was the one who recommended her for the S.O.E. spy job that she turned down. When Peggy asks him why, he tells her he knows that being married and settling down isn't what she wants in life; since they were kids, she's always wanted a life of adventure. In another flashback, Peggy is in her wedding dress and getting ready for her big day. Her mother is summoned to the front door and given the tragic news: Michael has been killed in the line of duty. Devastated at the news of her brother, she makes a life-changing choice, calling off her wedding and accepting S.O.E. job as Michael advised her.

7. Agent Carter Meets Her Match - And Almost Dies

In "The Atomic Job," as Jarvis takes on the task of dismantling the atomic bomb, Peggy bravely attempts to face Whitney Frost on her own. Unfortunately, Peggy is no match for Whitney's powers. Furious that Peggy is interfering with her plans, Whitney fights Agent Carter and leaves her badly injured.

8. The Almost Kiss

In "Life of the Party," Sousa's true feelings are revealed when he tells Peggy that his fiance Violet called off their engagement. The reason: Violet thinks he's still in love with Peggy. When Peggy discovers the news, she and Sousa give in to their true feelings, but are interrupted before they can kiss. 

9. Agent Carter: The Musical

In "A Little Song and Dance," while knocked unconscious, Peggy has a colorful dream sequence and is visited by old friend Angie Martinelli (guest star Lyndsy Fonseca) and other familiar faces - including Dottie - as they perform a musical number. 

10. Peggy and Jarvis Hurt Each Other

In "A Little Song and Dance," after making their escape from Whitney's clutches, Peggy and Jarvis find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Things get heated - literally - and the two air out their annoyances with one another. Their hurtful words strike a chord in them both, especially when Jarvis reveals to Peggy that his wife Ana is unable to bear kids - a fact Ana herself doesn't know.

Watch the season finale sneak peeks before the episode tomorrow! 

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