Field Report: Yes Men

Welcome back, Agents. Agent Coulson's team confirmed not one, but two Asgardian contacts in the American southwest—one friendly, one not so much—and moved to intercept. As you know from the events in New Mexico and London, as well as the report of Coulson's team encountering the Asgardian artifact known as the "berserker staff," S.H.I.E.L.D. takes any and all Asgardian encounters very seriously. The following field report will brief you on the latest.



The Asgardian fugitive known as Lorelei had used her ability to bend men's minds to her will to assert control over a local biker gang. Coulson's field team, assisted by the Asgardian warrior—and known associate of Thor—Lady Sif, engaged the hostiles using non-lethal force to subdue the enchanted men. Faced with a losing situation, Lorelei escaped by taking control of Agent Grant Ward and using his expertise to her advantage.



Agent Melinda May and Lady Sif worked well together on this mission, perhaps due to some similarities in both their personality profiles and their combat experiences. Maybe humans and Asgardians aren't so different?



The personal relationship between Agent May and Agent Ward proved to be prime fodder for the Asgardian Lorelei, who used the information, along with more she learned from Ward, in an attempt to demoralize Agent May. Following this encounter—and the ensuing brawl between Agents May and Ward—it's doubtful that their fraternization will continue. The remaining question is who is the other person Lorelei hints that Ward has feelings for?



As we've seen in New Mexico and London, Asgardian combat can cause quite a lot of collateral damage. With that said, it's a minor miracle that Lorelei and Lady Sif's battle on board of The Bus didn't seriously damage or even crash the plane. Agent Ward and Agent May, however, did some substantial cosmetic damage to the aircraft's lounge area.



Following the administration of a top-secret drug that Agent Coulson found inside an off-grid facility, Skye appears to be healing at an incredible rate. Against any kind of protocol, Coulson revealed to her the alien nature of the cure that saved both of their lives.



Unknown to Agent Coulson or Skye, Agent May was listening in on their conversation and reported to an unknown entity that "Coulson knows." Who is her handler and why do they have her watching Agent Coulson? More intel is needed.