Field Report: Ragtag

Welcome back, Agents. So yeah, I can't even deal with what happened to Fitz and Simmons yet, so we'll get to that, but this episode was NUTS. John Garrett is the original Deathlok? Skye's parents are monsters? There was just so much and there's only one episode left this season! Let's get to the big moments.



Flashback! Grant Ward was a troubled youth, that's for sure, and after years living off the land as John Garrett's crazy form of training, he's told about joining not just S.H.I.E.L.D., but HYDRA as well! And he pretty much does, so I guess Fitz's theories about mind control are blown.



Back in the present, Skye is furious! And Fitz not being ready to believe that Ward really is a traitor is not helping things.



Speaking of furious, Ward had better hope he never runs into Melinda May, because she is gonna hurt him if she gets the chance. I kinda hope she does, don't you?



Okay, yeah, this cannot happen. Ward leaving Fitz and Simmons for dead at the bottom of the ocean? This is brutal.



Basically this is a worst-case scenario. John Garrett gets the GH-325 and he's "seeing the universe" so I guess he's even crazier than he was before on top of not dying. Coulson and his team are surrounded by bad guys. And Fitz and Simmons could be DEAD! I hope the season finale isn't this stressful.