Field Report: Beginning of the End - Season Finale

Welcome back, Agents. Things were looking pretty bleak for Phil Coulson and his team heading out of the previous episode, "Ragtag." John Garrett got super-charged with GH-325, the miracle cure—that came from an alien!—that saved both Coulson and Skye's lives. Grant Ward, that traitorous jerkface, had sent Fitz and Simmons to a watery grave, And that's on top of S.H.I.E.L.D. being basically dismantled and discredited around the world thanks to Hydra. Most people would pretty much give up and hide when faced with those odds, but not Phil Coulson. He took the fight directly to Hydra and Cybertek and came out on top!



Heartbreak. We've been waiting all season for Fitz to find the courage to tell Simmons how he really feels—remember how he risked his life to help her find a cure to that alien electro-virus that was killing her way back in season 1, episode 6 "F.Z.Z.T."?—and he finally did it! But why'd he have to wait until a situation where he was probably gonna die? We didn't see Fitz at ALL after this moment in the season finale, so one of the biggest questions heading into season 2 has to be "what happened to Fitz?" Send him warm thoughts—and maybe a monkey—as a get-well!



The other thing we've all been waiting for, especially after last week, was for someone to kick Ward's ass. Enter the tag-team of Skye and Melinda May. Hot damn did that feel good to watch!



As bad a beating as May gave Ward—seriously, power tools were involved!—no one knows how to drop the mic like Phil Coulson. The mind-games of what Ward's going to face in a future without John Garret were just perfect. Do you guys think Ward will be back?



Billy Koenig! Rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D.! DIRECTOR PHIL COULSON! The only thing that could make the wait for season 2 tolerable at this point would be racking up major Call of Duty hours with Billy. I hear he needs a new gaming buddy. Too soon?



Why'd they have to go and creep us out like this! Is Coulson going to lose it like Garrett did? Say it ain't so, Phil!