Field Report: Heavy Is the Head

Field Report: Heavy Is the Head

The team takes some severe hits dealing with the deaths of allies and breaches in trust from within. With Carl Creel still on the loose, the goal is not necessarily to take him down, but to find out who is pulling this absorbing man's strings. For more intel, here is the Field Report for "Heavy Is the Head" below.

Hunter for Hire: After the massive car crash that occurred in “Shadows,” an injured Lance Hunter realizes that Hartley and Idaho are dead. He orders May to chase after the fleeing Carl Creel. Soldiers swarm the area. Hunter is captured. He’s tossed in a trunk and dropped in a field where General Talbot choppers in to pick him up. Negotiations begin to see just how much it’ll take to turn over Coulson. Hunter wants $2 million and a proper burial for Hartley. Now all his has to do is get back in with S.H.I.E.L.D.

More Than Just a Job: Hunter returns to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. He lets Coulson know that he has 48 hours to turn him over to Talbot. He leaves out the part about getting $2 million if he does so. Turner later has a chat with Skye about Hartley as well as the idea of her becoming a mercenary someday. A disagreement in philosophies ensues.

Solving a Riddle: Skye lets Coulson know that the obelisk had the same markings as the ones she’s been researching. She later joins Trip and Mack as they dig into the Quinjet’s cloaking device. They need help from Fitz, who goes back to talking to an imaginary Simmons while digging into Carl Creel’s DNA makeup. He works with Mack to determine that the answer to this riddle can be found in one of his old designs.

Not a Team Player: Raina, aka “The Girl in the Flower Dress,” offer Carl Creel some carbyne, a substance three times harder than diamond with an added bonus of being able to store energy. Creel swipes the carbyne, so Raina calls Coulson. She doesn’t want Hydra to get their hands on the Obelisk. Raina lets the team know that the carbyne has a tracking device. A team is sent out into the field to track down Creel. Hunter follows orders right up until the moment he doesn’t.

Maybe a Team Player: Creel is about to take down Hunter when Coulson steps in to save him. A short time later, Hartley gets the proper burial she deserves. Hunter is there to witness it. Coulson is there, too. He actually offers Hunter a job.

Why Hydra Will Win: Former Agent Grant Ward explains his past loyalties while offer Skye his theory as to why Hydra will always win. See what he says in this sneak preview of “Making Friends and Influencing People” coming TUESDAY 9|8c on ABC.