Field Report: Making Friends and Influencing People

Field Report: Making Friends and Influencing People

With absorbing man Carl Creel currently in the team's rearview mirror, the focus shifts to a young man they encountered in "Seeds." His name is Donnie Gill, and he's come out of hiding to unleash some special powers he's picked up. The other news of note is an update on Simmons. She's still an agent. But for which side? S.H.I.E.L.D. or Hydra? For more intel, check out the Field Report for "Making Friends and Influencing People" below.

It’s Just a Job: Coulson is tired of having the best and the brightest talent snatched away. Could this be what happened to Simmons? She seems quite happy in her new life, and at her new job which happens to be inside a Hydra lab. Simmons returns home after a long day at work. Coulson is waiting for her inside her apartment. He’s angry. See why.

The Science of Keeping Your Cover: Simmons is summoned by Daniel Whitehall’s right-hand man, Sunil Bakshi, who questions her about Donnie Gill. She reveals selective truths in order to prove that her loyalties are now with Hydra. Bakshi interrupts Whitehall’s conversion of Agent 33 to ask to evaluate an employee and act with authority.

Payback Time: Mack helps Fitz remember that the student he met in “Seeds” had trouble making friends. Donnie Gill freezes a boat docked in Casablanca. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team is off to find him. Fitz believes he should be part of the mission. There’s one person who is responsible for his benching. Fitz goes to see Ward, who says the team doesn’t know what they are walking into. This revelation comes during a little bit of payback.

Feeling the Pressure: Coulson lets Fitz know that he’s made progress, but he still almost killed Ward during their meeting. He lets him know that Simmons is on an assignment. That’s why she hasn’t been in contact. That’s why she left. Elsewhere, Skye pays a visit to Ward. She wants to know about Hydra’s brainwashing techniques. Ward says he was never brainwashed. Everything he did, both good and bad, was his own free will. Then he drops a bombshell on her.

“I Will Face My Enemy” Preview: Coulson tells May she needs to have a plan in case he goes the way of Garrett. Watch this preview from the Season 2 episode “I Will Face My Enemy” and don't miss all-new episodes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TUESDAYS 9|8c.