Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Felix Blake Returns in “Watchdogs”

Welcome to the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap for Season 3Episode 14, "Watchdogs" (original airdate March 29, 2016) where you can catch up on the all of the highlights that you may have missed! Check out our favorite moments and let us know yours in the comments below! 

This week started with Mack, working on a motorcycle with his brother Ruben(Gaius Charles) in their childhood home. It seems Mack has kept his S.H.I.E.L.D. life secret from his brother. Later, they eat dinner in front of the television broadcasting the news that an ATCU facility has been taken over by the anti-government, anti-powered people group the WATCHDOGS. Mack's brother Ruben expresses admiration for this group, to Mack's concern. Coulson (Clark Gregg) calls Mack into duty, to Ruben's annoyance.

At the now destroyed ATCU site, Fitz, Daisy (Chloe Bennet)and Mack learn the Watchdogs have figured out a way to stabilize Nitramene, a highly implosive substance created by Howard Stark that can only be neutralized by sodium hydrogen acetate. Upon hearing about that substance, Coulson remembers a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was obsessed with Nitramene... Felix Blake (Titus Welliver) has become the leader of the Watchdogs! Watch his return now:

Meanwhile, in the Zephyr, Daisy reveals she has been watching  the Watchdogs. Some of them are in their area, and Daisy suggests they should interrogate one. Mack chooses not to get involved in this breach of civil liberties, so Daisy volunteers Fitz to help her kidnapping mission.

Later,  Daisy confronts a potential Watchdog named Dallas, threatening violence to get the location of their hideout. With that information, Daisy calls Mack, who is skeptical but agrees to go on the mission…again to his brother Ruben's disdain.

Back at HQ, May shows Simmons how she's dedicated an entire group of S.H.I.E.L.D. servers to finding Andrew/Lash's location. May tells Simmons that she should channel her guilt for letting Andrew/Lash go free into her work. Watch now:

Meanwhile, Fitz, Daisy and Mack surround a farmhouse filled with Watchdogs. They relay an audio confirmation of Blake to Coulson, who investigates one of Blake's old safe houses with Lincoln. At the Watchdog farmhouse, an unaware Ruben drives up to Mack on his motorcycle. A few Watchdogs come to investigate, forcing Mack and Daisy to take them out. The Watchdogs and Ruben think the quake powers came from Mack, who chases after a fleeing Ruben, telling Daisy to stand down. Daisy refuses to oblige that order, instead getting ready to take down Blake, who is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Coulson and Lincoln come face to face with a gun wielded by none other than Blake himself!

Back at the farmhouse, a Watchdog fires an implosion bomb, hitting Fitz. Daisy quickly gives him the neutralizing agent, but it doesn't work. Now Fitz is a time bomb ready to implode. The Watchdog who shot Fitz inadvertently reveals that the nitramene is “suspended”, like a vaccine. Daisy, under Fitz's guidance, grabs liquid nitrogen, which dissipates the Nitramene and saves Fitz's life.

At Blake's safehouse, Coulson surprisingly orders Lincoln to kill Blake. Lincoln is reluctant, and then finally releases bolts of lightning from his hands. They pass right through Blake. Coulson knew he was a hologram! And that Lincoln didn't fire a kill shot. Coulson tells Lincoln he did a good job, hesitating but ultimately following orders, mostly.

Back at the Mackenzie household, Ruben yells at Mack. How could he protect these aliens and leave him to poverty and depression? Their argument is interrupted by the Watchdogs, who still think Mack is Earthquake Man. Mack grabs a shotgun and shuts out the lights. He takes out a Watchdog, then gives an assault rifle to Ruben. They go through the house, taking out Watchdogs as they go. Mack gets shot in the arm, but he manages to take out the Watchdog attacker. With two Watchdogs left, Mack improvises a shotgun axe, which he uses to take out those final Watchdogs before passing out. 

With surveillance video, Coulson has figured out the Watchdog destruction of the ATCU facility was a cover up for Malick. They took something for him…

In a warehouse, Watchdog leader Blake, demands weapons from Giyera in exchange for the valuable item his people stole from the ATCU facility. Giyera tells him that if things go as planned, he will have everything he needs...

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