7 Important Things You Can Learn from "Mistresses"

7 Important Things You Can Learn from "Mistresses"

People don't often think of Mistresses as an educational show, but you know what? They should. In fact, the amount of important things the Mistresses ladies have learned the hard way in their first season could fill a whole blog post! Here are our favorites so far.

1. Never Assume Your Salty French Boss Is Trying to Seduce You

He'll just mock you with his quiet French disdain. And he might even give you more work, which is worse.

2. Always Double-Check That Your Dead Husband's Mistress's Lawyer is a Real Lawyer

Especially if you're in Los Angeles, where almost everyone is dying to impersonate a lawyer for the acting experience alone.

3. Also, Always Double-Check That Your Dead Husband Is Actually Dead

Don't just take the coroner's word for it. Husbands fake their deaths all the time!

4. Just Generally Try Not to Do Anything That Karen's Been Doing

An affair. An assisted suicide. Falsified documents. A teenage stalker. A vengeful Penelope Ann Miller. Trust us: You do not want any of this.

5. Always Practice Safer Sex in the Office

Aside from a potential barrage of workplace drama, you could end up pregnant and facing problematic paternity complications. To say the least.

6. Never Leave Your Husband and Your Man-Mistress (Histress?) Unattended

They will embarrass you in under 5 minutes.

7. Keep Your Shower Spotless at All Times

You never know who's going to show up in there!

Now it's your turn! What have YOU learned from Mistresses?