Love Advice from Modern Family

Love Advice from Modern Family

Celebrate Valentine's Day by cuddling up with a countdown of the best love advice from Modern Family.

#6 Keep the Fire Alive with Creativity

Phil Sings a Song He Wrote for Claire|She's a Claire-acuda!|Phil sings an original song he wrote for Claire for their 20th wedding anniversary.

Find creative ways to show you care and to keep the romance burning. For his 20th anniversary with Claire, Phil writes a song to serenade her during the school fair in the episode, "A Fair to Remember." Don't let your relationship flounder -- be wise like a buddha and keep at it like a "Claire-acuda."

#5 Be Proud of Your Relationship

Cam Tells His Grandma He's Engaged|Cam vs. Grams|Cam's grandmother isn't very open-minded, but he finally decides to tell her that he and Mitchell are engaged.

If a relationship is worth your time, then you should never be afraid to show it off to the world. When Cam tries to hide his engagement from his conservative grandmother, Cam realizes that he's devastating his partner in the process so he eventually steps up to proudly reveal his relationship with Mitchell (in the episode "ClosetCon '13"). It was easy for Cam and Mitch to read the signs that grandma wouldn't be very accepting (she literally made a sign in protest), but if there's something worth standing up for, it's love.

#4 Don't Hide Your Emotions

 Good relationships are based on honesty, so never mask your feelings. Fear tends to be the main reason people hide their emotions, and that's exactly why Jay sometimes hides behind his gruff facade. In the episode, "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer," Jay finally opens up about his childhood and his relationship with his father. Jay wonders if his father even knew that he loved him since he was never allowed to show his feelings.

#3 Learn to Give and Take

Haley the Elf and Alex as Mrs. Claus|Haley and Alex are Santa's little helpers.|The mall Santa leaves his station so it's up to Haley and Alex Dunphy to stop him and fend off the angry kids and parents on Christmas Eve.

There's always a little pushing and pulling in every relationship, and it's those little compromises that'll help make the day-to-day a little easier. Not even Santa and his wife are free from tiny little arguments, and when Alex dresses as Mrs. Claus for the mall Christmas event in the episode "The Old Man & the Tree," she's quick to put him on her naughty list. But maybe talking things through would've helped her and Santa be more jolly... for the sake of the children.

#2 Go All In

Jay and Manny Get a Marriage License?|"I already paid for you!"|Manny tells Jay he's getting cold feet...about traveling.

Fully commit to your relationship. Everyone gets cold feet now and then like Manny does in the episode "Suddenly, Last Summer," and a healthy relationship involves both partners dedicating themselves to one another and supporting each other through thick and thin. Jay does just that when he stands by his Manny so that the two of them can follow through with their life-changing decision. Wait. Maybe that's not what this video clip is about exactly, but the advice is still accurate.

#1 Don't Let Competition Get in the Way of Love

At times our competitive nature may get the best of us, but make sure you don't let competition get in the way of love.  In the episode "Patriot Games," Alex realizes that Sanjay's feelings for her are true when he refuses to race against her and settle which one of them should be the class valedictorian. Instead, the two end up kissing on the track, but their competitive spirit has them each asserting that they're the better kisser.

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