Top 7 Funniest Moments of Season 5 So Far

Top 7 Funniest Moments of Season 5 So Far

Season 5 of Modern Family kicked off with one of the biggest events of the series: Cam and Mitch's proposal. It was one of the most tender moments of the season, but what are the moments of Season 5 that made you laugh the hardest? Relive the funniest moments of Season 5 so far.

7. Cam Teaches Class as George Washington

Cam hopes some role-playing can help him teach Alex's A.P. History class in Episode 502, "First Days."

6. Haley the Elf and Alex as Mrs. Claus

Haley the elf tries to fend off anxious mall-goers as Alex, dressed as Mrs. Claus, gets in a domestic squabble with the deparment store Santa in Episode 510, "The Old Man & the Tree."

5. Gloria Needs Glasses

Gloria is too vain to wear glasses, so Jay and Manny trick her so she can focus on the dire consequences of not seeing clearly in Episode 504, "Farm Strong."

4. Buddy Cops with Jay and Guest Star Jordan Peele

Jay is volunteered to be a cop at the school fair and he finds himself at odds with his partner, guest star Jordan Peele, in the Episode 507, "A Fair to Remember."

3. Phil Destroys a Nest of Baby Birds

Phil demonstrates his robotic gutter cleaner, which goes on a rampage and causes a bird's nest massacre in Episode 504, "Farm Strong."

2. Cam Is Too Sensitive

"Can you push your boobs down, because I couldn't hear you" is one of the season's most memorable lines, and it all happens when the family unloads on Cam in the series' 100th episode -- Episode 504, "Farm Strong."

1. Jay and Manny Get a Marriage License?

Mitch and Cam's proposal in Season 5's premiere was a landmark event for the series, and the supreme court ruling that prompted their marriage plans also set up the season's funniest moment (from Episode 501, "Suddenly, Last Summer"): Jay and Manny inadvertently causing others to think they're in line at the courthouse to get a marriage license for themselves.

What's your favorite moment from Season 5?