Cooking with Phil: How to Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey

Cooking with Phil: How to Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey

In Modern Family's Thanksgiving episode, "Three Turkeys," Phil (Ty Burell) takes over the cooking duties with the help of sous chef Luke (Nolan Gould). Claire (Julie Bowen) has no faith in Phil being able to pull off the holiday dinner, but Phil manages to cook the turkey by following these steps:

1. Get Some Help from Nigella Lawson
To prepare the turkey, get some help from a Nigella Lawson cooking app.

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2. Try Not to Fall in Love with Your Cooking App

The more Phil uses the app, he more he becomes mesmerized by her sultry, British voice. As Luke, Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez)pass by him in the kitchen, Phil gets more self-conscious and defensive as Nigella's voice continues to woo him, but he manages to think clearly enough to cover the turkey's breast and legs with a buttered cheesecloth.

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3. Know Your Turkey

With Claire making a backup turkey because she doesn't trust Phil, and Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) making a tiny turkey for their secret stay-cation, Phil initially mistakes the mini turkey for his own. But when his own turkey surfaces, Phil immediately recognizes his handiwork. It helps if you've been lovingly oiling its breasts for hours.

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