4 Ways to Protect Your Privacy (When Your Mom Is Claire Dunphy)

4 Ways to Protect Your Privacy (When Your Mom Is Claire Dunphy)

In Season 6, Episode 16 of Modern Family, "Connection Lost," Claire (Julie Bowen) is desperately trying to track down Haley (Sarah Hyland), who's not answering her phone after a fight.  Claire uses every tool possible on her laptop to find Haley.  Haley could have protected herself a little better by referencing our Internet Security Guide below.

1) Choose a Difficult Password
Privacy is key. While Haley made sure to not make her password literally "password", she did neglect to add any special characters to her favorite literary character.  Snoopy was way too easy for Claire to guess.  Using special characters can help combat hackers.  Haley should've tried using "$n00py' if she really wanted to avoid getting some good grief.

2) Make Sure You're Actually Adding Friends

Alex was able to figure out that that Brody Kendall (Claire's other fake Facebook profile that isn't "Margeaux LeCroix") was Chachi from Happy Days. If you've never met the person and don't have friends in common, don't add them as a friend! Brody's cover image should have been a dead giveaway. Check out Brody's most recent post -- it's a bit suspicious.


3) Be Specific When You Marry Someone or Something on Facebook
People can interpret your relationship status in different ways.  Check out Haley's friends' comments on below the post.


4)  Send Your Online Deliveries to Your Workplace
You would think it would be safe to have books delivered to your house, but pregnancy books are a whole different story! The big advantage to sending your online purchases to work is that none of your family members can go through your mail there.

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