Phil vs. the Grill

Phil vs. the Grill

It's Jay's birthday, and Phil (Ty Burrell) unveils his gift: the Flame XL, a high-tech outdoor grill with an electric rotisserie. Phil loves it but Jay (Ed O'Neill) is underwhelmed, claiming it has too many "doodads." Can Phil get Jay to love and accept the grill or will he reject it? Wait, is the grill a metaphor for Phil? From Season 6, Episode 19 of Modern Family, "Grill, Interrupted."

Jay's Birthday Gift Has Too Many "Doodads"
Phil tries to demonstrate the grill's simplicity, but the giant fireball it blasts out doesn't exactly convince Jay otherwise.

Spinning Out of Control
The high-tech Flame XL starts spinning food into the swimming pool. Later, when Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) reveals that Claire (Julie Bowen)has kept it a secret that Jay paid for the down payment on their house, Phil begins to understand why he's never been able to bond with her dad and why he and Jay aren't laughing together about that crazy grill.

The Big Payback
Jay resorts to using his old grill and rejects the birthday barbecue he's dubbed "Vesuvius," but he does accept the check that Phil writes to pay him back in full for the down payment. Phil thinks this has brought them closer together, but Jay is still the same ol' tough guy. That doesn't stop Phil from trying to sneak in a hug, though. No grill could do that, no matter how many "doodads" it has.

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