How Jay Led Cam & the Britney Spares to Win the Bowling Tourney

How Jay Led Cam & the Britney Spares to Win the Bowling Tourney

With the help of Jay (Ed O'Neill), Cam's bowling team, The Britney Spares, compete in an all-gay league tournament and they manage to take out the Pinafores and the Alley of the Dolls. In the tradition of the Red Sox vs. the Yankees and Ali vs. Frazier, the bowling finals came down to the Britney Spares facing off against Cam's arch rival Martin Sherman (guest star Oliver Platt) and his team, The Merry Men. Jay was the real hero of the day, and here's how he and Cam (Eric Stonestreet)led the team to victory (or, at least a temporary victory before Jay got them disqualified).



1. Flounce It Up
Cam tricks Jay into playing in his all-gay league, so Cam recommends that Jay "flounce it up" to blend in. Jay's act doesn't quite convince Martin, but it lays the groundwork for Step 2 in Jay and Cam's strategic offensive.

2. Bowl over Your Competition with a Pretend Crush
To explain why Jay is acting so self-consciously, Cam says it's because Jay has a crush on Martin. This begins to distract Martin, whose focus is now shifting from winning the game to winning over Jay.

3. Boost Your Self-Confidence
Martin begins putting the moves on Jay, and when he compliments Jay's rugged looks as being somewhere between Kevin Costner and Channing Tatum, it gives Jay the confidence he needs to up his game.

4. Knock 'Em Down
With Martin set up to fall for Jay, it's time to knock him down. Jay turns down Martin's offer for a dinner date, and it throws off Martin for the rest of the game.
That's enough for the Britney Spares to win the tournament, but Jay can't leave Martin feeling hurt so he spares him and admits that he's actually straight. And with that, Jay and Cam's team is disqualified and victory goes to Martin and his Merry Men. In the end, Jay won back his self-confidence and integrity, but he also won himself the title of Cam's new arch rival. Yet again, Martin gets shunned.

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