Modern Family Spoilers: Claire Reprises Mrs. Clutterworth

Modern Family Spoilers: Claire Reprises Mrs. Clutterworth

Here’s the Modern Family Recap of Season 7, Episode 12 Clean for a Day (Original Air Date February 10th 2015). Before Claire officially takes over Jay’s closet business, she decides she must get the house in order and make the family clean out the clutter; unfortunately, Phil and Luke can’t bear to part with anything, and Alex digs up old feelings when she finds Sanjay’s sweatshirt. Newly into retirement, Jay decides to get a new hobby – piloting a plane – but the danger puts Cameron into a tailspin of worry. And elsewhere, Gloria wants to connect with Jay more and decides to pick up his favorite game of golf, and ropes Mitchell into teaching her.


Claire Reprises Her Character Mrs. Clutterworth
Before starting her new job as CEO, Claire wants the family to clean out their old junk.  Claire reprises her character, Mrs. Clutterworth, to help motivate everyone.


Jay and Cam's Close Call
Jay and Cam find themselves in a scary situation when Jay accidentally knocks out his flight instructor while they're in the air. Both are panicking before the instructor regains consciousness.



Haley Coaches Alex on Relationships
Alex and Haley go to Sanjay's house to return his sweater. Haley wants Alex to get closure and move on from her first relationship. When Sanjay tells Alex that he regrets what he did and misses her, Haley thinks Alex should take him back.


Phil and Luke Try to Save their Possessions
Before Claire heads out to the donation center, Phil and Luke try to save their favorite possessions.  Luke manages to grab a few things out of the trunk until Claire realizes what they're doing.  Phil is able to save his cowboy hat that Luke doesn't find very fashionable.

After Claire deposits this year's donations, she hears the chickie stuffed animal saying "Happy Easter."  The doll's voice instantly reminds her of all the easter memories with the family and causes her to jump head first into the donation bin to try and save the doll.  Returning home defeated, Claire tells everyone she's sorry for making them throw away their memories.  Phil reveals that his past trips to the donation center were actually to the storage facitlity that he's been keeping a secret.

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