Modern Family Recap: Phil’s Sexy Sexy House Gets Unexpected Visitors

Modern Family Recap: Phil’s Sexy Sexy House Gets Unexpected Visitors

Welcome to the Modern Family Recap of Season 7 Episode 7 "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" (Original Air Date November 18th 2015).  Everyone is at Jay & Gloria’s for post-Thanksgiving leftovers brunch and after a conversation about the sexy and sleek house that Philis helping Mitch and Cam’s friend sell, everyone gets the same bright idea to sneak in there and have a little "fun." Unbeknownst to one another they all choose the same day to go, and then it quickly escalates into a game of hide and hopefully don’t get found. Meanwhile, back at Jay and Gloria’s, Gloria has successfully stolen copies of everyone’s drivers licenses during the brunch so Jay and her can buy them all a surprise family trip to Miami, but in actuality Jay has a surprise in store for Gloria, only to then get trumped by her surprise.

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Jay Helps Gloria by Distracting Claire
Jay and Gloria are planning a surprise trip for the whole family to Miami.  In order to book everyone's tickets, they need everyone's driver licenses to give to the travel agent.  Gloria works effortlessly to secure the wallets when the entire family comes over for a post-Thanksgiving meal.  She runs into difficulty when trying to take Phil's wallet while he is wearing very tight jeans.  Jay has to help distract Claire when she sees Phil hugging Gloria.  Jay has a surprise for Gloria at the end of the episode when he reveals that they're not going to Miami and actually visiting her family in Colombia.  Gloria is angry at Jay for being so sweet but she actually invited all of her family over as a surprise that no one expected.  After Manny asked Jay how long he expects Gloria's family would stay, Jay replies with "the pregnant one brought a stroller."

Phil's Sexy, Sexy House
Phil's newest client wants to sell his house that's been featured in rap vidoes.  The house screams sexy with advanced technology that reclines couches, pops up champagne at the click of the button and even has a lamp that doubles as a make-shift stripper pole for Mitchell.  Phil has been using the house to play his latest role-playing game while many others choose to check out the house with friends.  Phil finds more visitors than he's bargaining for when Claire comes over to surprise him.

Haley and Andy's Once Crazy Adventure at the House
Haley may have been the first unexpected visitor at the house when she used it to calm down and relax the night before.  After she realized that she left her watch in the bathroom, Haley returns to the house to clean up.  Andy (Guest Star Adam DeVine) dropped by to see if Phil was around and the two work together to clean up the bathroom that Haley used.  While trying to unplug the tub they fall in together.  Things get steamy when they talk on the couch about Andy's one crazy adventure before he gets married.  But things get derailed when everyone starts showing up at the house.  Once everyone leaves, Andy and Haley agree everything they were feeling was caused by the sexiness of the house.  As soon as Haley exits the mansion, she comes right back into the house to give Andy his one crazy adventure before marriage.



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