Modern Family Recap: Phil's Ducks Overstay Their Welcome

Modern Family Recap: Phil's Ducks Overstay Their Welcome

Here’s the Modern Family Recap of Season 7, Episode 11 “Spread Your Wings” (Original Air Date January 13th 2015). Claire and the kids are ready to bid adieu to Phil’s ducklings but he refuses to relent. Once he leaves to visit Alex at college, his desperate brood decides to take advantage of his absence by plotting to rid themselves of the ducks. However, once they are confronted with releasing the birds, Claire unexpectedly has a change of heart. While visiting Alex at college, Phil senses that she’s having a challenging time settling into her new surroundings and tries to intervene. Meanwhile, Mitch is hosting a sleepover for Lily and her friends from the Vietnamese dance troupe. Despite his best intentions he ends up overwhelmed and accepts Jay’s offer to help, which turns out to be a hilarious trip down memory lane. Gloria and Cam are in hot pursuit of the blood peppers that are needed to complete their secret sauce. Manny comes up with a plan that leads them on a carefully formulated excursion. But despite successfully securing the key ingredient, Gloria and Cam’s business venture is threatened by a major disagreement between the two partners. 


Jay Rescues Mitch at Lily’s Sleepover

Mitch is convinced that he has everything under control for Lily’s sleepover and initially rejects Jay’s offer to help. But he quickly realizes that he’s in over his head once his tiny guests start to playfully torture him. Jay happens to stop by to check on things and Mitch breaks down and begs to be rescued. 


Gloria and Cam Hunt For Blood Peppers

Gloria and Cam’s business venture is on the verge of collapse. Gloria is annoyed with Cam for being overbearing and they need to find blood peppers - the ingredient for their secret sauce. Manny overhears them discussing their plight and comes up with a daring plan filled with lots of mischief.


Claire and the Kids Plan to Release the Ducks

While Phil is away, Claire, Haley, and Luke seize the opportunity to get rid of the ducklings. But just as they begin the process of setting them free, Claire suddenly has a change of heart. She proceeds to explain to a confused Haley and Luke – why they may have been too hasty with their plan. 


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