A Shout-Out to Mitchell

A Shout-Out to Mitchell

We’re celebrating Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s 2014 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series! To commend this well-earned honor, let’s look back at some of his best Mitchell moments from Season 5, including the big wedding! It'll be good prep for the SEASON 6 PREMIERE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 9/8c.

Bag of Tricks: In this classic moment from iSpy, Mitchell takes the topic-changing tactics that he and Cam normally use on Lily to deflect her uncomfortable questions, and tries them out on Cam to avoid spilling a secret.

The Grass is Always Greener Next Door: Keeping up with the Joneses is never easy, but Mitchell discovers a new twist on the old idiom in Under Pressure when faced with his snooty, eco-friendly neighbor, Asher (played by Jesse Eisenberg).  Mitchell’s environmental law expertise is put to the test as he and Asher match wits.

Mitchell Preach-It! First impressions are always important on the first day of work, but Mitchell takes this advice with a grain of salt in Spring-a-Ding-Fling when he picks up on signs that his new boss, Wendy (played by Aisha Tyler), is a tyrant who mistreats her employees. Never one to repress speaking his mind in a moment of injustice, Mitchell finally boils over and tells his new boss what he really thinks of her. See how that worked out for him:

Slippery Soapbox:  When it comes to planning weddings, it can be awkward to broach the subject of a loved one’s bad taste. Sometimes it’s best to avoid the discussion and find an alternative solution to the problem. In A Hard Jay’s Night, Mitchell loathes the schmaltzy soap sculpture cake topper that Cam’s father made that makes him look like a fawning damsel, so much so that he’s willing to go to great lengths to destroy it. But once he learns it’s truly indestructible, Mitchell may have to do what he always ends up doing and speak his mind.

Here are a few memorable lines of Jay not paying attention to Mitchell: 

Mitchell (pretending to play a player piano): "I'm getting pretty good, huh?"
Jay: "Yeah, but you were always good. I'm just glad you stuck with it."
Mitchell: "Seriously?"
Jay: "What?"
Mitchell: "It's playing itself."
Jay: "Well, I didn't know!"
Mitchell: "You honestly thought that I just became a piano virtuoso, dad? You've known me my whole life. Have you ever seen me take a lesson?"
Jay: "I thought maybe you were self-taught."
Mitchell: "I'm sorry, you're right. Like when I taught myself to play the clarinet."
Jay: "Exactly!"
Mitchell: "I never played the clarinet!"
Jay: "Drop it. Let's go get an ice cream."
Mitchell: "What about my lactose intolerance?"
Jay: "Oh, I'm not loving this game."

The Amazing Spider-Whoops: Prized possessions become more expendable once you’re ready to share your life with a significant other, especially when the event to bring the two of you together is running your bank account dry. With wedding costs skyrocketing in Message Received and Mitchell denying Cam’s suggestion that they send out “un-vitations,” they decide to sacrifice their most cherished belongings for the good of the cause. In Mitchell’s case, it’s his valuable Spider-Man comic, of course! And how could we forget about his adoration of the superhero?


Congrats, Jesse!