Modern Family Trivia: Gloria Daze

Modern Family Trivia: Gloria Daze

Everybody loves Gloria. Well, maybe not Dr. Donna. Nevertheless, we love her. That’s why we’ve put together a little video trivia challenge featuring some of her funniest, most memorable scenes of Season 5. Click on the clip below each question to see how well you recall some of Gloria’s finest moments.

Challenge #1: In “Las Vegas,” Gloria tries to distract Jay from seeing the perfect companion to his beloved dog butler by sending him back to their room to fetch her lucky:

a) Purse  b) Earrings  c) Sweater  d) Sunglasses


Challenge #2: While shopping for Lily’s flower girl dress in “Other People’s Children,” what is Claire’s response to Gloria’s declaration that she’s her stepdaughter?

a) “I’m older than you.”  b) “Cinderella had it easy.”  c) “You’re not gonna ground me, are you?”


Challenge #3: When Manny feels self-conscious about his squeaky shoes in “The Feud,” Gloria lets him know that some of the other mother’s want to make fun of her because of her accent and her:

a) Perfect hair  b) Bouncy bosom  c) Leggy legs  d) Daring shoes


Challenge #4: When Jay has a sexy dream in “iSpy,” Gloria reveals that she hates to be called what pet name?

a) Honey  b) Baby  c) Sweetie  d) Num-Nums


Challenge #5: When Gloria engages in a heated game of dodgeball with Dr. Donna in "Under Pressure," they were each placed on a team dubbed the:

a) Jets & Sharks  b) Capulates & Montagues  c) Hatfields & McCoys



How did you do? Post your results in the comments below and feel free to share your favorite Gloria memory from this or any season! For those of you who didn’t feel like clicking the clip, here are the answers: 1. c  2. a  3. b  4. b  5. c