Modern Family in Paris: Fan Faves Clive Bixby and Fizbo Return

Modern Family in Paris: Fan Faves Clive Bixby and Fizbo Return

After 11 seasons, we've more or less grown up with Modern Family's Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, so traveling to Paris with the fam was a nice treat as the Modern Farewell continues. And though "Paris," season 11, episode 13 had plenty of French eye candy to put our favorite folks in new and exciting environments, the biggest treat was getting to see some of the show's classic alter egos—Phil Dunphy's Clive Bixby and Cam Tucker's Fizbo the Clown—back to combine some nostalgia with brand new comedy. See highlights revisiting these classic season 1 characters below!

Claude Bixby Is Looking for Love

Phil tells his wife Claire that he won't be able to make it to Paris—but that's just a ruse. He plans to surprise her there on Valentine's Day as Clive Bixby's French counterpart, Claude Bixby. But Phil strikes up a conversation with a debonair Parisian who says he's waiting for a woman he had a fling with 30 years ago, when they made a pact to meet at this cafe. And of course, it's Claire. (She had a lot of fun during her semester abroad.)

Phil is jealous of this charming man trying to steal his wife. Until:

Phil and Claire's French suitor share a common interest

Suddenly Claire can't get out of there soon enough. 

Fizbo Meets His Match

Cam brought his Fizbo the Clown gear to France—much to Mitchell's annoyance—where he could bring his brand of commedia dell'arte to the streets of Paris where the grand tradition began. But he's suddenly branded an imposteur when he says he's Fizbo, because it turns out there's a clown named "Fizbeau" who performs nearby:

Fizbo the Clown vs. Fizbeau the Clown

Cam is down on himself, feeling like this character he thought he created was just a sad derivative. But Mitchell, arguably Fizbo's biggest critic, shows Cam that Fizbo is a kinder, more jovial clown than the mean-spiritied Fizbeau—and therefore, it is indeed Cam's own creation. 

There are only a few episodes left in the Modern Farewell! To see what comes next, watch Modern Family WEDNESDAY 9|8c on ABC!

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