A Closer Look at the Season 2 Finale of Motherland: Fort Salem

A Closer Look at the Season 2 Finale of Motherland: Fort Salem

Season 2 of Motherland: Fort Salem might be finished, but we're still not over all the plot twists and explosive moments that the season finale had to offer. If you're busy with War College and still haven't had the chance to catch up (or you need an extra dose of witches to fill in the gaps of your 31 Nights of Halloween schedule), you can watch season 2 in full on Freeform.com. But if you're all set and ready for the arrival of season 3, sit back and read on as we go over all the best and most shocking moments of the season 2 finale of Motherland: Fort Salem!

The witch army and the Spree join forces to fight the Camarilla

Nicte is supposed to be getting punished for her crimes, but the threat of the Camarilla has the witch army fighting side by side with the leader of the Spree to retake Fort Salem. Nicte/Petra is the tag team we didn't know we needed!

Alder becomes a casualty of the war

As Alder and Anacostia fight the Camarilla, the Witchplague catches up with Alder's Biddies and that loss is too great for the former general to take (and for us to witness without going through more than one box of tissues). Watching her slowly turn into a husk of her former self (literally) was a lot to process so early in the episode.

Penelope is revealed as the source of the Witchplague

As the Bellweather Unit search for the source of the Witchplague to put a stop to its spread through Fort Salem, they are shocked to discover that Penelope, the vice president's daughter, is who they are looking for. "How come nobody wants to talk to me?" hits us in the feelings every. single. time.

The Bellweather Unit makes a tough call

After the revelation that Penelope is the one spreading the Witchplague, the Unit's first plan of attack is to try and save her from the plague's influence. However, not even the Witchbomb is capable of such a feat, and Abigail, Raelle, and Tally silently agree to kill Penelope to save the base. We were definitely Tally in that moment -- the tears were unstoppable.

Raelle and Scylla have a heart-to-heart

After so much loss and sadness, seeing Raelle and Scylla finally admit that they still have feelings for each other watered our crops, cleared our skin and paid our bills. It was short, sweet, and the wind that the Raylla ship needed to get back to sea.

Alder is reunited with the Mother

If you thought that you didn't need any more tissues at this point of the episode, then you had another thing coming. Alder, now nearly fully turned into a husk, asks to be taken to the Mycelium, where the Bellweather Unit and Anacostia say their tearful goodbyes. We still haven't processed this moment fully.

Raelle and Scylla are reunited

After the Unit is taken from Fort Salem by the US government to answer for Penelope's death, Adil, Khalida, Quinn, and Scylla join forces to rescue them. Have you ever heard literal thunder as your favorite couple kisses for the first time in forever? Your ship could never.

The vice president faces the choices he's made

Do you know who won't be winning any "Father of the Year" awards any time soon? Vice President Silver, since he's revealed to have been in cahoots with the Camarilla and allowed them to plant the Witchplague on Penelope. We still can't believe it! Penelope deserved better.

Alder wakes up in the Mother

Through all of these moments, the Mycelium has been hard at work, as the very last scene of the episode reveals the husk fading from Alder's face and body. As Alder's eyes open, we're left to wonder: what does this all mean for season 3 of Motherland: Fort Salem?

Catch up on or re-watch season 2 of Motherland: Fort Salem on Freeform.com. Season 1 is available to watch on Hulu.

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