My Diet is Better Than Yours: The Clean Momma Plan

My Diet is Better Than Yours: The Clean Momma Plan

Carolyn Barnes’s philosophy with “The Clean Momma Plan” is that you can turn any part of your daily life into an opportunity to burn calories. Her plan spells out how chores around the house can be game changers when it comes to weight loss and wellness. “Taskercising” coupled with three meals and three “grab-me-snacks" per day, she says her contestant will be full and burning more than she takes in, in record time.

The cLEANmomma plan™

Simplifying Healthy Living For Busy People

Hi, Carolyn Barnes here!

I want to take a sec and introduce myself. For starters, I’m a very BUSY mom and former expert in EXCUSE MAKING. After gaining 60 + lbs. with my second child, jack, I was juggling 2 small kids, a house filled with laundry, piles of dishes, and a part time job! The idea of juggling a workout into my already hectic day was as appealing as a root canal! But the 60+ lbs. on my body motivated me to come up with a SOLUTION that’s EXCUSE PROOF, for busy people like myself!

TASKERCISE™ Combine exercise with your Task. The Busy Person’s Solution To Live Life Fitfully! You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money going to a gym, with TASKERCISE, life is your GYM!                                      

I went back to my Dance Roots, and began weaving in a ballet/cardio, based workout while I basically juggled my 2 kids did my laundry, dishes, vacuumed, did homework, ran errands, sat at the computer, worked and got most of my “To Do” list, done! I was so excited that my body was toning up, my level of motivation had sky rocketed, so I took things one step further and became utterly aware of my patterns and behavior. I slowly began cutting out the processed foods, refined sugars, and most everything that didn’t fuel my body, (with the understanding that it’s ok to have pizza or a few cookies within moderation.) Within 4 months I had lost all the baby weight and found myself more in shape, focused, energized, and organized than I was pre kids! It was like a friggen miracle!


I’ve since created the cLEAN momma plan and have helped thousands of overwhelmed, busy people do the same! It does take work. I won’t lie and sugar coat it. I’ve just made it simple, and convenient for you to do.





What is The cLEAN Momma plan: It’s a realistic, DOABLE plan for everyday people who don’t need to spend excess time or money in order to live a healthy, fit lifestyle utilizing 3 key components TASKERCISE, cLEAN Eating and a cLEAN Mindset.

1) TASKERCISE.A term I came up with where you combine exercise with your everyday tasks. It’s the one-size-fits-all Solution that’s easy to incorporate into any person’s daily routine and lifestyle that will get you losing weight, toning up, maximizing time, and regaining your inner calm! It will absolutely get you fit, and feeling healthy, FAST!

With proper form, technique and a simple plan you will:

  • Burn More Calories For Longer Periods Of Time
  • Loose weight
  • Tone Your Body
  • Improve your posture
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your energy!
  • Complete Your “To Do” List! 

 Strengthen your body in minutes doing what you HAVE to do! 

  • GET LEAN WHILE YOU CLEAN            
    Tone up, while you clean up.
  • CARDIO COOKING                             
    Burn calories before you eat them.
  • WORKOUT AT WORK                          
    Tone up at work, strengthen your core
    Tone your abs and thighs at the supermarket!
  • CARDIO KIDS                                      
    Engage Your Abs While You Engage With Your Kids
  • ORGACISE                                          
    Organize your drawer & tighten your core.

Here are my top TASKERCISES you can start doing!

(Let me know if you want the how to’s, step by step)

  • WAX ON WAX OFF: Strengthen your core, tone your arms while you cLEAN your countertops!

  • TONE YOUR ARMS AND CORE WITH YOUR SINK! Do 8 countertop pushups!

  • FIRM YOUR TUSH WITH YOUR DISHES! Tighten and firm your tush, while you do your dishes!!

2: cLEAN Eating Fuel your body throughout the day to avoid crap when you're starving! This program is about making SMART food choices - as we all know, exercise alone will not get you all the way me.

I came to a realization after my second child, Jack, was born and my favorite pair of black hot momma pants wouldn’t pull up past my thighs that cLEAN eating is not a quick fix; you won’t lose a ton of weight over night! Why? Because you’ll gain all right back! I’m here to help you make life long, sustainable changes with eating, not some quick fad! Start off by making small doable changes in your eating. One step at a time, no drastic crash dieting! With my simple tools and tricks, you will keep the weight off, develop new habits and feel GREAT.

With a simple meal plan, tools and sneaky tricks, you will:

  • Loose weight
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Feel less hungry
  • Avoid using food to self soothe
  • Find eating healthy is easier than you think
  • Make smart choices before you crash!
  • Have a simple system to log what you eat, hold yourself accountable and observe why you are eating?

Here are some quick tips!

  • KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL: I paid attention to my food intake and kept a journal for a month. That’s a smack of reality for you! By doing this I was able to see how inconsistent I was with my food intake. One day I would stuff my face while another day I would basically deplete my body of energy by not eating enough. Not good!
  • EAT A WHOLE FOODS DIET – foods that are closer to their natural form are more nutrient dense and do not have chemicals/additives that can be toxic and affect metabolism
  • EATING A VARIETY OF FOODS: This is coming from the gal who grew up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch! I learned that there are more antioxidants in blueberries than Smucker’s® jelly. Change it up a bit!
  • EATING SMALLER PORTIONS: Just because my mother’s meatballs and spaghetti is by far the best tasting meal on this planet, I don’t need to eat 3 lbs. of it. That’s what leftovers are for... duh!
  • DRINKING MORE WATER! Coming from the gal who HATED water... this one was tough. That being said, I finally came to the conclusion that I was dehydrated most of the day. A diet soda and coffee will do that to ya. By the way, did you know that the aspartame in diet cola breaks down into formaldehyde in the body? You might as well drink out of the jar in chemistry class (be sure to remove the dead frog first)! The bottom line with water is it keeps you hydrated while flushing out toxins. I suggest adding lemon juice and ice and tricking yourself into a lame version of lemonade. I actually like it now!
  • EAT SMALL FREQUENT MEALS – eating every 2 hours helps keep blood sugar levels stable. Unstable blood sugar can affect insulin sensitivity, resulting in fat storage
  • GO PRIMAL – eating mostly vegetables, with some fruit, nuts and a little meat (red, poultry, pork, fish) is a healthy way to boost your metabolism and keep insulin levels stable
  • DRINKING GREEN TEA: This was easy and it actually is yummy. Not only does this have a ton of health benefits, including helping with weight loss and boosting your immune system, but it also has caffeine (mother’s little helper!).
  • LOADING UP ON VEGGIES! I keep them very handy and accessible for a quick grab.
  • EATING LEAN PROTEINS: I make a bunch of hard, boiled eggs and keep them in the fridge. Pre-made, cut-up grilled chicken strips are also an easy way to fuel your body quickly!

Quick Snack Tip

“Egg In A Mug” Cardio Cooking; “Egg In A Mug”! Check out this quick video and burn calories before you eat them!

This quick “Grab me Snack” is less than 25 calories, has 12 grams of protein and is super easy and fast to make! It really fills you up!


Take 3 egg whites, a ½ teaspoon of cream cheese, ¼ cup of spinach, and mushrooms and some sea salt and pepper to taste! Whip it together while you are in a low squat position, (the weight being on your heals, and your abs should be engaged. Also keep the spine straight!

Microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds.

While it’s cooking, you are going to do 2 counts of 8 of countertop push-ups!

Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart, your feet are in line with your hips and your spine is straight. Keep your hips are down, and your neck in line with the spine. Also make sure your shoulders down and your abs are engaged, (pull the belly button toward the spine).

While your egg in a mug cools off, do another set of 8 counter top push ups, this time with your fingers facing forward, (this will work the Triceps!) 

Here are some additional great “Grab me food Snacks” that will curb your cravings and avoid the “Crash and Burn, Go To The Drive Thru” Sabotage!!

When you're on the go you don't always have the chance to eat the way you really should. A great way to control your cravings is to make sure to carry around easy "grab me" snacks that are small in size but high in quality. For example:

  • In my purse you'll always find a baggy of raw almonds (with some yummy raisins thrown in). I don't need to eat the entire bag, but if I'm trapped on the freeway and I'm starving it’s a fabulous way to curb the hunger, and almonds are a great source of omega 3.
  • Keep a bunch of hard, boiled eggs in the fridge, in your eye line. Have the whites, even 1 yolk is fine. Easy to grab, and add a dash of pepper. Totally fuels the body!
  • 1 large apple with a smear of peanut butter to dip into - delicious!
  • Some string cheese with 5 crackers or rye crisps - this will really boost your energy level!
  • Sugar snap peas with a bit of pepper and balsamic vinegar to dip. (These are good when you mindlessly want to chomp on something (without paying attention to how much you're eating).
  • For something sweet, I love hot cocoa. Here’s is the trick, USE A SPOON to drink. It really curbs the sweet tooth, takes a long time to drink, and is low in fat and calories.
  • A cup of blueberries is a great choice and higher in antioxidants and vitamins than almost any other fruit!
  • Cucumbers are great. I sometimes eat an entire cucumber and dip it balsamic, with a bit of pepper, (curbs those salty cravings.)
  • Sliced strawberries and low fat whipped cream - my kids think this is the greatest dessert!

If you never allow yourself to indulge, you will rebel with a vengeance!

Instead give yourself the treat, enjoy it, mindfully! You don’t need to fall off the wagon and have the entire bag. It's OK to have that Oreo or piece of chocolate.

If it’s difficult to have “Just a bit of something”… Substitute your cravings with one of the above choices and then do something indulgent for yourself, like taking a hot bath, mini massage or a pedicure.

3: clean Mindset it all starts here! I have to tell ya, it's about brainpower! I used to spend the majority of my day in auto-pilot and I found that not only was I missing out on life, I was also doing most things half ass. Once I replaced my brain chatter and actually started to pay attention to what was going on around me I enjoyed things differently. Long and short, our minds have been conditioned to think in a certain way, and behave in ways we may not even be aware of. These automatic thoughts can be self-sabotaging or, can be life changing!

At the risk of sounding like some cheesy self - help book, it's about re training your brain, identifying emotional triggers, and creating new habits that will help you become the best possible you, (with the knowledge and understanding that it takes time and the desire to want to do it!)

  • Learn tools to clear away brain clutter, break poor habits, avoid self-sabotage.
  • Learn how to self motivate
  • Learn tricks to moderate, and make healthy wise choices.
  • Learn how to transform your thoughts, and create the life, body, self you desire and deserve!

Quick Tips For Awareness:

  • Become aware of what you believe. Believe it or not what you believe, dictates your actions and behaviors, especially the negative ones. See if your thoughts are holding you back. You are in charge of catching yourself and changing how you talk to yourself!
  • Be aware that it’s ok to screw up! No one is 100%! Take the pressure off of perfection and you will find yourself to be more productive and excited!
  • Be aware of your feelings! Sometimes feeling depressed, drained, angry can lead us back to old self-sabotaging behaviors!
  • Become aware of your actions. What is your part in a circumstance, how does it affect others? Take responsibility for your actions and behaviors!
  • Be aware of small things, YES, STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES! It will stop your brain from over functioning and bring you back to being present!
  • Moderation! This is most important! We sustain anything that we are balanced with! Give yourself a break, enjoy your family, friends, life, and make wise decisions, because at the end of the day,



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