September 2019

Your go-to places to be, people to see, and things to do!

S1 E105 - Houston's Master Chocolatier
Instead of law school, she turned to her passion for all things chocolate.
09.27.2019 | 3m
S1 E104 - Go Inside Presidents Park in Virginia
42 statues of our Presidents are hidden on a farm in rural Virginia
09.27.2019 | 4m
S1 E103 - Nuyorican Poets Café Gives Voice to Rising Artists
Home for groundbreaking works of poetry, music, theater, and visual arts.
09.26.2019 | 3m
S1 E102 - Uncork the Best Wines in NYC According to Wine Spectator
See the NYC winners of the 2019 Restaurant Awards.
09.26.2019 | 3m
S1 E101 - Cuban Cigars: A Piece of Cuban Tradition Kept Alive in NJ
Inside the famous Cuban tradition of cigar rolling in New Jersey.
09.25.2019 | 3m
S1 E100 - Creep LA Is Redefining Halloween
Creep LA is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience.
09.20.2019 | 2m
S1 E99 - World War 2 Air Museum Teaches America's Aviation Past
The Lyon Air Museum houses authentic memorabilia from World War 2.
09.23.2019 | 2m
S1 E98 - Take Step into the Real Big Little Lies Locations in Monterey
Obsessed with “Big Little Lies” and want to feel part of the action?
09.23.2019 | 1m
S1 E97 - Selena Tribute Night at Arte Américas
Celebrate the culture, life and music of Selena!
09.20.2019 | 3m
S1 E96 - Drink the Blackest Cup of Coffee in New York at Round K Cafe
This coffee shop serves up coffee that will turn your mouth black
09.18.2019 | 2m
S1 E95 - Everyone Is a Celebrity at This Downtown LA Pop Up
The Scenario Studios brings high end photography sets to your smart phone.
09.17.2019 | 2m
S1 E94 - Party on World's Largest Rooftop
Grab a drink, have a bite, and live it up.
09.16.2019 | 3m
S1 E93 - The Saint Arnold Beer Garden in Houston
This restaurant was a long time coming!
09.12.2019 | 5m
S1 E92 - Welcome to Tree House Cafe in Texas
Tucked into the woods of Texas, Family Tree Recipes was started in 2012.
09.11.2019 | 3m
S1 E91 - Long Island's Kitten Kadoodle Coffee Cafe
This Long Island cafe lets you cuddle with cats all day!
09.06.2019 | 3m
S1 E90 - What Makes Irma's Original Mexican Restaurant So Special?
Irma’s Original Mexican Restaurant is a Houston institution.
09.11.2019 | 6m
S1 E89 - Oz Park Is a Chicago Neighborhood Favorite
There's no place like home...especially here!
09.09.2019 | 2m
S1 E88 - The One with the Amazing Friends Pop-Up
Could we BE anymore excited about this FRIENDS pop-up in NYC?!
09.06.2019 | 1m
S1 E87 - The Most Instagramable Bar in Houston!
Present Company is a selfie-lover's paradise.
09.04.2019 | 3m
S1 E86 - Go Back to The Golden Age of Air Travel at the TWA Hotel
Experience first class without ever leaving the ground!
09.03.2019 | 2m