Juliette Barnes
Juliette Barnes
Played by Hayden Panettiere

Character Biography

Nothing’s come easy to Juliette. With an absentee father and a troubled mother, Juliette basically raised herself. She’s damaged, but driven, and just three years after she left Alabama for Nashville, she’s become the #1 crossover artist in the country, with two sold-out tours and twenty million downloads under her belt.

Though she’s hit some bumps along the road to her success, including being shunned by the country music community after a cheating scandal, the relentless powerhouse defied her critics with her appropriately titled hit “ Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet” and a foray into acting with a starring role in a movie as Patsy Cline.

At home, Juliette is adjusting to her latest roles: wife to music producer Avery Barkley and soon-to-be mother to their unborn child.

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