Teddy Conrad
Teddy Conrad
Played by Eric Close

Character Biography

Teddy and ex-wife Rayna first met as kids, part of Nashville’s country club, cotillion crowd. Teddy’s family boasts a proud history of public service, but Teddy’s father faltered because of alcohol, and Teddy’s accomplishments have been scattered as well. While he had some success in business and real estate, he nearly lost his family their savings in a risky land deal.

Since divorcing Rayna, however, and shedding the “Mr. Rayna Jaymes” label, he’s had a bit more luck. He won a race to become the mayor of Nashville but professional misfortunes continue to follow Teddy, with his latest entanglement including mistakenly getting caught up with prostitutes and being blackmailed by Jeff Fordham to cover up a near-drowning incident at the music mogul’s home.

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