Episode #304 Music: "I Feel Sorry For Me"

Nashville Music: "Gasoline and Matches"|Watch as Rayna performs with Sadie Stone!|Watch as Rayna and Sadie Stone (guest star Laura Benanti) perform "Gasoline and Matches" on Nashville Season 3, Episode 4: I Feel Sorry for Me.



Clip from Nashville featuring "Gasoline and Matches" by Rayna (Connie Britton) & Sadie (Laura Benanti)
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Episode #304: I Feel Sorry For Me  
Original Air-Date: 10/15/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Not My Time Honeymoons Music plays at the Bluebird as Zoey hears Gunnar's phone ring.
Joy Parade Maddie & Daphne (Lennon & Maisy Stella)
The girls perform at the school auction.
Come See About Loving Me Amy Blaschke
Music plays at the wedding shop as Rayna tries on her dress.
Latter Years Twiggs Music plays from the Bluebird as Zoey confronts Scarlett.
All Along Feather & Belle Music plays at the wedding shop as Rayna and Sadie make a break for it.
Gasoline and Matches Nikki Lane Sadie and Rayna hear the song on the radio and sing along.
The Night is Still Young Pam & Deacon (Charles Esten) Pam and Deacon sing the song together on the bus.
40 Watt ELEL Music plays at Zoey's party as everyone surprises her.
Dr. Feel Good The Mavericks Deacon and Pam leave on the motorcycle.
Don't Call Me On the Phone Beach Day Music plays at Zoey's party as Avery gets thrown out.
Gasoline and Matches Rayna and Sadie Sadie and Rayna perform the song togther at the Opry.
State Line
Cooder Graw
Deacon and Pam eat at the diner.

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