Nashville Notes: "I Can't Keep Away From You"

Nashville Notes: "I Can't Keep Away From You"

This week on Nashville: Rayna and Deacon fight over their future, and Deacon worries about Maddie finding out his news. With the help and support of her bandmates, Scarlett conquers Chicago. But as Gunnar realizes he wants her back, her relationship with Dr. Rand moves to the next level. Meanwhile, a new friendship forms when Sadie runs into Luke... but later when her ex Pete shows up, the situation takes a terrifying turn. 

Rayna Fights to Be with Deacon: Rayna won't give up until Deacon agrees to let her be with him through his cancer. Deacon is resolute, but Rayna can be very convincing.


The Triple Xs Take Chicago: Scarlett makes a triumphant return to the Chicago stage where she suffered her breakdown, with the support of Avery and Gunnar, and the killer new song they wrote together.


Sadie Shoots Her Abusive Ex: Sadie thought she would be safer if she had a gun, but Pete wasn't afraid of it. He should have been.


Avery Sings to His Unborn Baby: Juliette is due in three weeks, and Avery has to leave her to go on the road with The Triple Xs to open for Rascal Flatts. He misses Juliette and the baby so much, he calls home to sing them a beautiful lullaby.


Will Makes a New Friend: Although hesitant at first, Will finds his new writing partnership with openly gay songwriter Kevin Bicks is a success. But his secret threatens the partnership when Kevin notices that Will seems uncomfortable around him.


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