Nashville Recap: Season 3 Episode 18 "Nobody Knows But Me"

This week on Nashville Season 3, Episode 18 "Nobody Knows But Me" (04/15/2015):

Juliette has been cooped up with baby Cadence for the last three weeks, and it's starting to get to her. She's upset when Avery has to leave to support The Triple Xs as they gain momentum, and she's feeling desperate to jumpstart her career. After committing to writing a song in 24 hours for the producers of her movie, she tries and fails to get help from Avery and Deacon.

Rayna finally has time to focus on Layla's career, and is surprised when she gets the news that somehow Layla is the opening act for pop star Jade St. John (guest star Christina Aguilera)'s Nashville concert. Layla pressured Jeff Fordham, who used to be engaged to Jade St. John, to get her the gig. Now they have to tell Rayna that Layla hired Jeff as her manager.

Episode 18 Highlight: Jeff Asks Guest Star Christina Aguilera for a Favor

Meanwhile, Maddie has been distant with Deacon and Rayna recently. Rayna finally finds out why when she sees Maddie and Colt Wheeler kissing at school, and Luke tells her that they've been dating for weeks. Rayna and Maddie have a huge fight, and Rayna tells Maddie she can't go to Jade St. John's concert.

When video of her duet with Gunnar becomes a hit online, Scarlett has to reassure Caleb that her on-stage chemistry with Gunnar is just about the music. As a result of the video's buzz, The Triple Xs have to convince a Pitchfork magazine reporter that they're better as a trio. They decide to throw a party to showcase the band.

Episode 18 Highlight: The Triple Xs Perform "On a Rail"

Will, who finds he accidentally insulted Kevin's songwriting when trying to extend their professional time together, struggles to come clean about his feelings. Eventually he comes out to Kevin and admits he's interested, and Kevin kisses him.


Episode 18 Highlight: Will and Kevin's First Kiss

Rayna sends Deacon to check on Maddie, and they have a heart to heart. Deacon convinces Maddie to apologize to her mom, and Maddie gives Deacon the courage to stop hiding his cancer diagnosis. Rayna has Deacon bring Maddie to the concert to meet up with Colt, and Deacon and Luke bury the hatchet.


Episode 18 Highlight: Christina Aguilera Performs "The Real Thing"


Rayna is furious that Layla hired Jeff, and tells him off. Jeff is too busy gloating over Layla's recent success to care.


Episode 18 Highlight: Layla Opens for Jade St. John and Rayna Tells Jeff Off


Teddy has finally found the money Natasha demanded from him, and delivers it to her, in cash. After he leaves, the FBI arrives to collect the evidence. Natasha set Teddy up!

And after hiring a live-in nanny without asking Avery, Juliette takes off to L.A. to perform her new song for the movie producers. Avery meets up with Gunnar and Scarlett to deliver the news that he's quitting the band so he can take care of Cadence.


Episode 18 Highlight: Avery Flips Out About the Nanny Juliette Hired


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