Nashville Recap: "The Storm Has Just Begun" Christina Aguilera Upstages Juliette and Deacon Gets Bad News on Season 3 Episode 19

Nashville Recap: "The Storm Has Just Begun" Christina Aguilera Upstages Juliette and Deacon Gets Bad News on Season 3 Episode 19

This week on Nashville Season 3, Episode 19 "The Storm Has Just Begun" (Aired 04/22/2015):

It's going to be a big night for Nashville. Everyone who's anyone gets ready to attend the gala in support of Teddy's "Note By Note" music education initiative. There's a live command performance on the auction block, and Juliette is planning to make it her big comeback performance with the help of Rayna and Highway 65. But soon after she and Deacon arrive at the event with Maddie, and Daphne in tow, he gets a call that disrupts everyone's plans for the evening. Doctors found him a liver! Deacon, Rayna, and Maddie rush to the hospital for the surgery, leaving Daphne behind. She's disappointed about missing the chance to perform at the gala. Teddy asks Luke to step in for Rayna, and to sing a duet with Daphne.

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Daphne & Luke Sing "Have a Little Faith In Me"

Luke & Daphne Sing "Have a Little Faith In Me"|Luke and Daphne duet at Teddy's "Note By Note" charity gala.|After Deacon, Rayna, and Maddie have to leave Teddy's "Note By Note" music education charity gala to rush to the hospital, Daphne is disappointed that she won't get to perform after all. Teddy surprises her by asking Luke to sing with her. Watch Daphne and Luke perform a beautiful version of "Have a Little Faith In Me" from Nashville Season 3, Episode 19: "The Storm Has Just Begun."


Juliette is holding court on the red carpet, eager to take back the spotlight after her long absence. But new friends Luke and Jade St. John (guest star Christina Aguilera) arrive and walk the red carpet together, upstaging Juliette on "her" big night. Juliette's mood turns ugly when she runs into Layla Grant (guest star Aubrey Peeples) and Jeff. Later, she puts Layla in her place in front of Jade. Her diva-like behavior comes back to haunt her when Jade starts a bidding war with Bucky, and spends $500,000 to buy the live command performance for Layla.

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Diva Showdown in Music City!

Sneak Peek: Christina Aguilera Steals Juliette's Spotlight|Preview Episode 19: These divas were born to clash!|Juliette has big plans to make her post-baby return to the stage by performing at Teddy's "Note By Note" charity gala. But her diva-like attitude rubs Nashville newcomer Jade St. John (guest star Christina Aguilera) the wrong way. When Bucky bids on behalf of Highway 65 to buy Juliette the command performance in the auction, Jade stirs up trouble by starting a bidding war. She bids a whopping $500,000 to secure the performance for Layla Grant, and ruins Juliette's comeback plans. Watch this preview from Season 3, Episode 19 "The Storm Has Just Begun."


Juliette is seething, and she and Avery get up to leave. Jade confronts her, and Juliette unleashes a verbal tirade that sends Jade running off in tears. Luke goes to comfort her, and takes her to The Bluebird Cafe, where he offers the pop star the chance to earn her country cred. She surprises him by singing one of his old songs.

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Jade (Christina Aguilera) Performs "Shotgun" on Nashville

Later, Luke walks Jade back to her hotel room and she reveals she had a crush on him as a kid. They kiss, and head into her room.

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Jade (Christina Aguilera) and Luke Hook Up!


Back at home, Juliette apologizes to Avery for her recent bad behavior. She admits that her successful career seems so far away, she's afraid she'll never get it all back. Avery does his best to make her feel better.

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Juliette Is Struggling after Giving Birth


The benefit is a tough night for everyone! Will and Kevin have spent the last few days in the throes of passion, but Kevin (guest star Kyle Dean Massey) already had a date to the gala. Seeing Kevin with someone else is painful for Will. He shows up at Kevin's door that night to admit he's never felt this way about anyone before, and asks if they can be exclusive. Kevin, who couldn't wait for his date to be over, is on board!

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Will's Emotional Speech to Kevin


Layla and Jeff are dealing with their own drama. Jeff refuses to let Layla go on tour with Jade St. John, his ex-fiancée. He warns Layla that Jade uses people and throws them away when she's done with them. Layla, seeing he's hurting, reassures him that while she IS going on tour with Jade, she won't turn into Jade, and she won't throw him away. Then, despite her earlier declaration that he's her manager and nothing more, she kisses him passionately.

Episode 19 Video Highlight: Layla Reassures Jeff


Over at the hospital, it's been an emotional roller coaster ride for Deacon and the three ladies in his life. Scarlett, who'd spent the day interviewing new potential band members with Gunnar, rushed to the hospital when she got the call. Everyone is giddy with joy until Scarlett's Dr. Rand arrives with bad news. Deacon is running a fever, and his surgery is in jeopardy. Scarlett tearfully begs Caleb for special treatment, to sway the transplant team to give Deacon the liver anyway. Dr. Rand refuses to compromise his integrity, and he's upset she even asked that of him. But, he comes back with good news: Deacon's fever is caused by a sinus infection and the transplant can go forward. Deacon is prepped for surgery and put under anesthesia, only to be rudely awoken. Doctors found cancer on his donors lungs, and the liver could be compromised. The surgery is off.

The news is devastating for everyone. Maddie and Deacon hold each other, and Rayna seeks solace in the hospital chapel. Everyone relies on Rayna, and expects her to be strong, but this time she needs help finding the way.

Episode 19 Highlight: Rayna Prays for Strength


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