6 Reasons We Love Juliette & Avery on Nashville

6 Reasons We Love Juliette & Avery on Nashville

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) finally tied the knot during Season 3 of Nashville, but as any true fan can tell you, they definitely hit a lot of bumps along the road to the altar. So, in celebration of the fact that these two lovebirds wound up together — and are about to welcome a baby girl into the world! — we thought we’d break down the many reasons we love Javery! 

1. They never gave up on one another.
When you're crazy about someone, you're liable to do some, well, pretty crazy things to keep them on your radar. Even though they'd already broken up and Juliette suspects Avery has moved on to another woman, she nevertheless goes to some pretty extreme measures to confirm her suspicions. Read: she disguises herself and stalks him on a scooter. Unfortunately, her skills as a spy prove less than impressive when she knocks down a display and blows her cover. What else but true love could inspire such insane behavior?

Juliette "Stalks" Avery|Juliette follows Avery... and doesn't like what she sees.|An undercover Juliette follows Avery and gets the wrong idea when she spots him with Sadie Stone (guest star Laura Benanti). Watch this hilarious scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 9: Two Sides To Every Story.


2. They remained friendly—and flirty!—even when they weren't together.
When Juliette almost botches Avery's collaboration with Sadie Stone (Laura Benanti)—the woman she mistakenly thinks he's dating—she rectifies the situation by putting in a good word for him and helping him land the gig. Later, when Avery comes over to thank her, he confesses he thinks it's cute she was so jealous, and she tells him she thinks it's cute that he finds an excuse to come over. Guys, we agree: Juliette and Avery are a couple of cuties! 

Avery and Juliette Get Cute|Is there hope for Javery?|Juliette assures Avery that she's determined to be a good friend and will be okay if and when he starts dating again. Things get "cute" soon after that. Is there hope for Javery? Watch this scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 9: Two Sides to Every Story.


3. They prove that all you need is love. 
After the media circus that was Rayna (Connie Britton) and Luke’s (Will Chase) wedding, it was nice to see Javery’s fuss-free yet heartwarming nuptials. 

Avery and Juliette Get Married!|Watch the final moments of the winter finale.|Avery and Juliette go to the courthouse and become man and wife in a private ceremony. Meanwhile, Rayna, who just called off her own wedding, drives off alone. Watch the final moments from Nashville Season 3, Episode 10: First to Have a Second Chance.


4. They dote on one another. 
Despite the fact that he’s late to produce a career-changing album, Avery nevertheless takes the time to rub his pregnant wife’s feet and fetch her snacks. Can we get an Avery of our own, please?

Juliette Won't Let Avery Leave Her|I can't be your masseuse/man servant today, remember?|As Avery prepares for his first day in the studio producing Sadie Stone’s new record, he realizes his new role as husband to Juliette Barnes may cause some problems. Watch this scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 13: I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong.


5. They'll make great parents.
Juliette and Avery may not have had the best parents growing up, but as Avery tells his overbearing father, they’re going to love their child unconditionally. 

Boy or Girl for Avery & Juliette?|The sex of the baby is revealed!|Avery vows to love his child unconditionally and then assures Juliette that they are not their parents. Juliette reveals that they are having a baby girl! Meanwhile, Gunnar wins a CMA Award. Watch this sweet scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 8: You're Lookin' At Country.


6.They're not perfect.
We can totally relate to the squabbles that the newlyweds find themselves in—and their down-to-earthness only makes us love the couple more. Juliette may be a country music star and Avery an up-and-coming producer, but that doesn't stop the two of them from bickering about décor and closet space just like the rest of us. 

Avery Moves In with Juliette|Is the honeymoon already over for these newlyweds?|Now that they are married, Avery starts to move his things to his new home with Juliette. Unfortunately, the move doesn’t go smoothly. Is the honeymoon already over for these newlyweds? Watch this scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 11: I'm Not That Good at Goodbye.


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