7 Things You Need to Know Before the Nashville Season 3 Premiere

7 Things You Need to Know Before the Nashville Season 3 Premiere

In order for y’all to be ready for Season 3 of Nashville, we wanted to look back at some of the biggest moments from the end of Season 2. While a few of our beloved Music City residents seemed to be taking a course in Heartache and Pain 101, the one-and-only Rayna Jaymes had enough love to go around. One thing is for sure, Rayna certainly has a big decision to make now! Let’s take a quick look at 7 Things You Need to Know before the Nashville Season 3 Premiere.

1. Avery walked out on Juliette. During the Season 2 finale, Avery and Juliette were both brought to tears over the gut-wrenching end of their relationship. After hearing that Juliette slept with Jeff Fordam, Avery confronted his love, hoping she could tell him it wasn’t true. Unfortunately, it was and Juliette could only confirm it. It was all heartbreak after that. Watch the emotional scene below.

2. Scarlett's ready to leave Nashville. After a rather tumultuous year, Scarlett felt it was time to pack her bags and go back to school in Mississippi. Not everyone agreed with her decision, though, including her former flame Gunnar. In fact, he told her point blank he doesn’t want her to go.

3. Rayna & Juliette joined forces against Jeff. Once the secret about her affair with Jeff was out, Juliette received some solace from the fact that he no longer had anything on her. In fact, she happily showed him the door after she and Rayna announced that Juliette was staying put at Highway 65. His blackmail attempt didn’t work.

4. Maddie’s true paternity was revealed. After a video of Maddie using the last name “Claybourne” went viral, Rayna, Deacon and Teddy had to do damage control. The trio went on Good Morning America to do an interview where Deacon revealed the truth about his past -- and confirmed he’s Maddie’s biological father. Watch the big revelation in the scene below.

5. Luke proposed to Rayna… Following a sizzling performance of “Ball and Chain” on stage at Rayna’s big concert, Luke Wheeler wowed the crowd (and stunned Rayna) when he declared his love then got down on one knee and proposed. Rayna accepted and the crowd went wild. Well… most of it. Maddie, Deacon, Teddy and Daphne weren’t so sure what to think.

6. …So did Deacon. What’s better than having one dream guy admit his love for you? Having two. That’s exactly what happened in the Season 2 finale for Rayna. Deacon stopped by to congratulate her on the engagement after the big concert. However, that didn’t exactly go as planned. Rayan was shocked as Deacon admitted his true feelings for her. He declared his love, kissed her and then gave her a ring that he said he never should have taken away.

 7. Will told Layla he’s gay. Will struggled with his booming career and hidden sexuality all season long. Matters became even more complicated when he married Layla and signed on to do a reality show. He finally got up the nerve to tell his new wife that he’s gay -- but he had no idea that during the tearful confession there was a hidden camera secretly filming him.

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