Nashville Season 4 Premiere Returns with Guest Star Steven Tyler

Nashville Season 4 Premiere Returns with Guest Star Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler guest stars on the Nashville Season 4 Premiere, “Can’t Let Go,” WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23 10|9c. The season 3 finale had plenty of shocking moments; a surgery that left Deacon (Charles Esten) or Beverly flat-lining, Will’s coming out and Avery leaving Juliette as she spun out of control while suffering from post-partum depression. The new season of Nashville finds Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) performing a duet with real life rock legend Steven Tyler. Watch a Sneak Peek with Steven Tyler from Wednesday's episode below:

Sneak Peek: Season 4 Premiere with Guest Star Steven Tyler|Luke welcomes Steven Tyler and gets a surprise visit and news from Rayna.|No difference between country and rock and roll on Nashville with guest star Steven Tyler. Luke (Will Chase) greets Steven Tyler backstage at Juliette's show. Things seem to be going well until Rayna (Connie Britton) surprises Luke with news about Juliette. From the Season 4 Premiere of Nashville, ?Can?t Let Go? ABC WEDNESDAYS 10|9c.

The season 4 premiere, "Can't Let Go," finds Juliette’s career taking off with her Patsy-Cline biopic role as Rayna (Connie Britton) deals with the aftermath of Deacon and Beverly's liver-transplant surgery. Check out a trailer for Wednesday’s premiere below:

Straight out of Nashville|Something is wrong.|Watch the season premiere of Nashville, Wednesday September 23 on ABC!

Don’t forget to return to Nashville this fall by tuning into the season 4 premiere this Wednesday at 10|9c to find out if Deacon’s life still hangs in the balance. Get ready for season 4 by catching up on last season. Order Nashville season 3 on DVD. You can also watch the season 3 finale

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