"Nashville" Series Finale Recap: A Deadly Cliffhanger Ending

"Nashville" Series Finale Recap: A Deadly Cliffhanger Ending

The Nashville Season 4 and series finale was filled with surprising admissions of guilt and love.  Romances were rekindled and families reunited. The show also ended with a heart-wrenching cliffhanger - where is Juliette? Get a recap of the series finale, "Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday," below.

Juliette is Confronted About Jeff's Death
After admitting to Layla what happened on the night of Jeff's death, Juliette is confronted by paparazzi about being with Jeff the night he died.

A Photographer Asks Juliette About Jeff's Death

Rayna is Shocked Maddie Is Working with Vince Pierce
Rayna is shocked to learn Maddie is working with Vince Pierce. She admits to Deacon that Vince tried to force himself on her when she was Maddie's age.

Rayna Learns Maddie Is Working with Vince

Will and Luke Create Their Own Platform to Speak and Sing "Brothers"
When Cynthia Davis will not give Will a platform to speak he creates his own. Will and Luke perform on stage outside of Cynthia's studio and sing "Brothers" in front of supporters and protesters.

Will and Luke Perform "Brothers"

Avery Questions Layla's Love When He Learns the Truth About Jeff
Avery confronts Layla about her knowledge of Jeff's death.  He wonders what kind of sick game she was playing with him. Layla promises her feelings for Avery are real and she was only trying to show Avery that Juliette is a horrible person. Avery realizes Layla is responsible for Juliette's involvement in Jeff's death leaking to the press.

Avery Asks If Layla Was Just Using Him To Hurt Juliette

Scarlett Tells Gunnar How Much She Loves Him
Scarlett  finishes telling Gunnar that she loves him. It scares her but she is not hiding it anymore. Gunnar is also afraid that she may change her mind. Scarlett knows one thing for sure. Gunnar is not going to tell her how she feels.

Scarlett Finishes Telling Gunnar That She Loves Him

Juliette Admits Jeff Saved Her Life
Juliette admits on live TV that Jeff died saving her life. Avery watches in awe as he learns Juliette tried to kill herself. Juliette does not want any sympathy. She is only coming forward with her story to let the world know Jeff was hero.

Juliette Admits Jeff Died Saving Her Life

Deacon Brings Maddie Home as Gunnar Shows His Love for Scarlett
Gunnar and Scarlett perform "Love You Home" as Juliette heads home to Avery and Deacon brings Maddie back to Rayna.  Gunnar also shows his love for Scarlett and kisses her on stage.

Scarlett and Gunnar Sing "Love You Home" As Lovers Reunite

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