Watch Three Nashville Season 3 Finale Sneak Peeks

Watch Three Nashville Season 3 Finale Sneak Peeks

Coming up on the Nashville Season 3 finale "Before You Go Make Sure You Know" (air date: 05/13/2015): Juliette has been laser-focused on finishing her album at the expense of everything else, and everyone she loves. After Avery and her team stage an intervention for what they believe is postpartum depression, Juliette is on the warpath. She shows up at the Highway 65 offices with an album completed in just a few days, and demands to go on tour immediately. When Rayna questions her priorities, Juliette is enraged. She screams at everyone, takes her album back, and storms out. Is Juliette done with Rayna and Highway 65? Meanwhile, Rayna is dealing with her own personal problems. Deacon's life hangs in the balance and a premonition of death has him panicking. He pleads with Rayna to marry him before he heads to the operating room. Will Beverly be able to save Deacon?

Season 3 Finale Sneak Peek: Deacon Begs Rayna to Marry Him Before the Surgery


Season 3 Finale Sneak Peek: Juliette Is Out of Control


Deacon and Rayna spend time together at the hospital before Deacon's surgery in the Season 3 finale "Before You Go Make Sure You Know."



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Season 3 Sneak Peeks

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Nashville stars Connie Britton as Rayna JamesHayden Panettiere as Juliette BarnesCharles Esten as Deacon ClaybourneJonathan Jackson as Avery BarkleyEric Close as Teddy ConradClare Bowen as Scarlett O'ConnorChris Carmack as Will LexingtonLennon Stella as Maddie ConradSam Palladio as Gunnar ScottMaisy Stella as Daphne ConradOliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham, and Will Chase as Luke Wheeler.


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