April 2020

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jueves, abr. 30, 2020
In Michigan, governor and some workers battle over strict COVID-19 stay-at-home order; Navajo doctors struggle to obtain resources to treat community ravaged by COVID-19
miércoles, abr. 29, 2020
Pandemic warnings existed long before coronavirus hit US, experts say; Fmr. DHS chief medical officer on US failure to plan for pandemics, future outlook
martes, abr. 28, 2020
How blood plasma donations may be saving some people suffering from COVID-19; Life in states with few COVID-19 cases and without orders to stay home
lunes, abr. 27, 2020
Georgia restaurants join other businesses in reopening but life is far from normal; Philadelphia nurse shares emotional last moments with COVID-19 patient
viernes, abr. 24, 2020
While Texas and Georgia reopen, New York businesses wonder if they'll survive; Former Starbucks CEO on how to save America's small businesses
jueves, abr. 23, 2020
How COVID-19 turned US nursing homes into devastating hotspots; Seema Verma defends federal government's response to COVID-19 nursing home crisis
miércoles, abr. 22, 2020
Doctors trying to understand COVID-19 symptoms left with more questions; COVID-19 patient reunites with doctor who helped save her life
martes, abr. 21, 2020
Inside 2 massive food banks feeding families affected by COVID-19; Restaurants get creative to keep doors open, feed health care workers
lunes, abr. 20, 2020
Mounting anger over COVID-19 business shutdowns leads to protests in multiple states; What life is like in Denmark as country begins to ease coronavirus restrictions
sábado, abr. 18, 2020
On the frontlines at a NY hospital full of critically ill COVID-19 patients; New York hospital staff form bonds, mourn loss of their own
jueves, abr. 16, 2020
Former employee at pork plant shut down due to COVID-19 talks about why she quit; Foodservice workers protest over workplace safety, compensation amid COVID-19 crisis
miércoles, abr. 15, 2020
Wuhan citizens try to find normalcy in the wake of COVID-19 crisis; Bill and Melinda Gates join global fight against COVID-19
martes, abr. 14, 2020
Families struggle to make ends meet while navigating COVID-19 economic relief; How Dr. Anthony Fauci came to be the trusted infectious disease expert he is today
lunes, abr. 13, 2020
Struggles for adequate COVID-19 testing remain as Trump pushes to reopen US economy; Dr. Jen Ashton on the importance of COVID-19 antibody tests moving forward
viernes, abr. 10, 2020
How alleged scammers are preying on the vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis; Pastor and rabbi discuss COVID-19's impact on Easter and Passover
jueves, abr. 09, 2020
The most vulnerable: COVID-19's disproportionate toll on black, brown communities; Mayors of Chicago, New Orleans discuss their response to COVID-19 racial disparities
miércoles, abr. 08, 2020
Doctors, nurses across US answer call for help in COVID-19 epicenter, New York, COVID-19 responses in countries around the world see varied results
martes, abr. 07, 2020
The other frontlines of COVID-19: Keeping the lights on and communities operational;CVS chief medical officer talks ramping up testing across US
lunes, abr. 06, 2020
Recovering COVID-19 patient talks about being on a ventilator, how it saved him; Families of those with special needs face challenges amid COVID-19 outbreak
viernes, abr. 03, 2020
Coronavirus recovery stories offer hope as US crisis persists; Parents hear son for first time after coming off ventilator for coronavirus