King Saul
played by Ray Winstone

Character Biography

KING SAUL is the first king of Israel. Anointed by the Prophet Samuel, Saul has reigned for over 40 years. And it hasn’t been easy. Israel is a nation of 12 fractious tribes, and Saul has long worked to unite them. He’s a fierce warrior, as adept with a sword as he is with political negotiations. He’s merciless on the battlefield, and this trait also bleeds into his life– Saul is quick to anger, and does not take betrayal lightly. Nor does he forgive it because he has learned that in this world, leadership requires bold choices and sacrifice. That is the burden of kingship, and it has begun to weigh heavy on him. Saul has always wrestled with the question of whether he serves God or the people. He was a farmer in his youth, and his happy memories of those simpler times still follow him -- and haunt him. Saul’s love of country is equaled by his love of family. He is proud of his sons, warm towards his daughters. They are his pride and joy, and comfort against the harsh demands of the crown.

Saul’s entire world is thrown out of balance when the Prophet proclaims that God shall soon anoint another in Saul’s place. How can Saul continue to serve a God who has forsaken him? How can he protect his family? And, most importantly, how can he hold onto his throne when he knows a usurper is waiting in the wings?

CAST: King Saul | David | Samuel | AhinoamKing Achish | JonathanIshbaal | Michal | Merav | Joab