played by Jeanine Mason

Character Biography

MERAV is the daughter of Saul and Ahinoam. She’s a passionate person, and her emotions run high: combative with her mother, warm towards her father, affectionate towards her sister. But unlike her idealistic sister, Merav instead favors her own wants and desires. She can be shrewd and cunning to achieve them, but it’s not without good reason – as a princess, Merav’s life has been decided for her. She’s never been in charge of her own destiny.

Her parents are entering her into a strategic marriage for the purpose of unifying Israel. An obedient daughter, she’s compliant in following their wishes. But as her wedding approaches, Merav will soon learn that nothing in this shifting world is certain. She’s lived a sheltered life, untouched by the dangers of the world outside the palace gates. When those dangers finally do arrive, will she be prepared? 

CAST: King Saul | David | Samuel | Ahinoam | King Achish | Jonathan | Ishbaal | Michal | Merav | Joab