Episode 2 Recap: David Brings Saul News of a Betrayer

Episode 2 Recap: David Brings Saul News of a Betrayer

Welcome to the official ‘Of Kings and ProphetsEpisode 2 recap featuring Ray Winstone and Olly Rix’s ABC debut. In case you missed it, quickly catch up here.

On the heels of Samuel’s prophecy and faced with angry reproach from his people, Saul confides his worries in David. In an attempt to protect his father’s position as king, Ishbaal hires an assassin to kill the prophet. Then, as the Philistine troops prepare for war, it becomes obvious that the Israelites are far outnumbered and out-armored. In efforts to unite the tribes of Israel, Ahinoam proposes a marriage between the daughter of Eitan, the Elder of Judah and her son Jonathan.

Later on, Saul readies for battle after failing to make amends with King Achish at war council, but Achish remains unfazed for he has an army of thousands and an inside source spying in the house of Saul. Then, when an innocent young boy unknowingly outs Saul’s traitor, Saul makes an example of his family in a brutal public display. Feeling dismayed by the palace and caught in a bit of a love triangle, David decides to return to his life as a shepherd. However, upon returning home he is greeted by a surprise visitor who has news to share with David that will change his life forever. 

Has Saul Lost His Faith?
Saul recounts how, the Prophet chose him to be the next king and felt full of faith because of it. But now that he has fallen out of favor with the Prophet, he feels nothing inside.

Saul Almost Loses the 12 Tribes of Israel
Even after the death of his daughter’s betrothed, Saul proceeds with his plan of uniting the 12 tribes of Israel. All are hesitant to move forward, after all how can they accept a leader who does not have the faith of the Prophet Samuel? After an inspiring speech from Queen Ahinoam, all the tribal leaders side with Saul except one. Only time will tell if the Tribe of Judah will side with him or the Prophet’s new king.

Ishbaal Hires an Assassin to Kill the Prophet
Ishball is afraid that the Prophet is going to anoint another in Saul’s place. If word gets out that Saul’s second son is trying to kill Samuel, the fragile union the 12 tribes have formed will dissolve in an instant. If the assassin is successful, the Lord will destroy them all. Now the question is, will Michal or David stop the plan or let it proceed?

David Brings Saul News of a Betrayer in his Midst
David is playing a simple tune when a child comes to gives alms to the royal harpist. David instantly recognizes precious metal as Philistine silver and brings it to Saul immediately. This betrayer has been by Saul’s side through so much, but not anymore. It seems as though David is the only person that Saul can really trust…or is he?

David Prays He Will Never Be in Saul’s Position
David was done with the House of Saul after witnessing the hanging of the king’s betrayer and his young son. Michal agreed that he shouldn’t have killed the young boy too, but when you’re in his position act as you think you must. David cannot stomach it and prays he would never be put into a position like that.

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