Of Kings and Prophets Series Premiere Recap: Olly Rix and Ray Winstone Make Debut

Of Kings and Prophets Series Premiere Recap: Olly Rix and Ray Winstone Make Debut

Welcome to the official ‘Of Kings and ProphetsEpisode 1/ Series Premiere recap featuring Ray Winstone and Olly Rix’s ABC debut. In case you missed it, quickly catch up here.

One thousand years before Christ, the first king of the Israelites, Saul, struggles to unify the 12 Israelite tribes and defend his fledgling nation against the Philistines. The prophet Samuel relays a message from God the king must destroy one of Israel’s oldest enemies before he can marry off Merav, but Saul defies that message and risks losing everything in the process. Meanwhile David, a common shepherd, is tasked with killing a lion or die trying. David returns triumphant and thus begins his journey and destiny to overtake Saul’s throne.

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Samuel will Bless the Marriage of Saul's Daughter...for a Price
Samuel says that the Lord is pleased with his victory over the Philistines, but there's an old enemy that also needs to be dealt with before he can marry off his daughter and unite the twelve tribes of Israel. Saul disagrees, but will he risk defying the Prophet or proceed with massacring these people like the Lord has commanded? 

David's Task: Kill or Be Killed 
It was David’s responsibility to protect his flock, but he failed. His punishment for was to be flogged, but Ahinoam (Saul's queen) agreed to an alternative proposal; kill the lion that destroyed his flock or die trying. If he succeeds, his family’s debt and the debt of his neighbors would be gone, if he fails, death will be his punishment. 

David Seeks Out and Finds his Lion
David had a choice, kill the lion or be killed trying. This kill will prove to be the beginning of this simple shepherd’s rise to power over the twelve tribes of Israel.

Saul Defies the Word of the Lord
The Prophet Samuel tasked Saul to kill all the peoples who slaughtered the Israelites when they fled Egypt. Instead, Saul chose to spare their King and make an example of him. Saul is even questioning the word of the Lord because he believes the God he loves, wouldn’t order him to kill innocent women and children.

David’s Invitation into the House of Saul
David’s kill will make him famous. The queen is impressed and invites David to become King Saul’s new harpist. The King finds the music of the harp quite soothing. 

Watch the next all-new episode / episode 2 of 'Of Kings and Prophets" "Let the Wicked Be Ashamed” airing TUESDAY March 15 at 10|9c on ABC.

Let the Wicked Be Ashamed” airing TUES March 15 at 10/9c

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