Of Kings and Prophets Episode 2 Sneak Peek: David Falls for a Princess

Of Kings and Prophets Episode 2 Sneak Peek: David Falls for a Princess

How much did you love the first episode of Of Kings and Prophets?!?! Is the wait for the next episode just killing you? Well, we got something to tide you over until Tuesday. Check out this scene from episode 2, "Let the Wicked be Ashamed." 

Watch the Of Kings and Prophets Sneak Peek from Episode 2

Previously on Of Kings and Prophets: The battle-weary King Saul (Ray Winstone) struggles to defend his Kingdom from one of Israel’s ancient enemies, the Philistines, by marrying off his daughter, Merav (Jeanine Mason), to Mattiyahu of Judah (guest star Matt Whelan). All are hopeful this strategic marriage will unify the twelve Israelite tribes. In the midst of the wedding preparations, the prophet Samuel (Mohammad Bakri) beckons Saul and relays a message from God that he must destroy the Amalekites, another of Israel’s ancient enemies. Saul dares to challenge the Prophet Samuel, setting in motion a series of calamities that will threaten his rule of the kingdom.

Meanwhile, the shepherd, David (Olly Rix), is determined to settle his family’s debts. He travels to the King’s palace in Gibeah with his cousin Yoab (David Walmsley) and makes the bold proposition that he can kill the lion hunting his flock. Queen Ahinoam (Simone Kessel) scoffs at David, but daughter Michal (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) thinks he just might accomplish this dangerous feat.


In this sneak peek, David has a Crush on a Princess. He had better be careful or he might find himself on the wrong side of a sword. Be the first to see what happens in this season 1 episode 2 sneak peek of Of Kings and Prophets next episode "Let the Wicked of Ashamed," airing TUESDAY MAR 15 10|9c on ABC. 

About Let the Wicked be Ashamed:

On the heels of Samuel’s prophecy and faced with angry reproach from his people, Saul confides his worries in David. In an attempt to protect his father’s position as king, Ishbaal hires an assassin to kill the prophet. Then, as the Philistine troops prepare for war, it becomes obvious that the Israelites are far outnumbered and out-armored. In efforts to unite the tribes of Israel, Ahinoam proposes a marriage between the daughter of Eitan, the Elder of Judah and her son Jonathan.

Later on, Saul readies for battle after failing to make amends with King Achish at war council, but Achish remains unfazed for he has an army of thousands and an inside source spying in the house of Saul. Then, when an innocent young boy unknowingly outs Saul’s traitor, Saul makes an example of his family in a brutal public display. Feeling dismayed by the palace and caught in a bit of a love triangle, David decides to return to his life as a shepherd. However, upon returning home he is greeted by a surprise visitor who has news to share with David that will change his life forever.

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