Prince Charming
Prince Charming
Played by Josh Dallas

Character Biography

Season 3

As magic came to Storybrooke and his wife and daughter were trapped in The Enchanted Forest, leadership fell solely onto David. He inspired the people, gave them hope and protected them, much as he had as Prince Charming before. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to be reunited with Mary Margaret and Emma, including being put under a sleeping curse, and he was overjoyed when they found their way home. He encouraged Mary Margaret to find a better way to deal with Cora, but when she finally confessed to him that her heart had been darkened, he stood by her as well. Now his grandson, Henry, has been kidnapped and taken to Neverland by agents of Peter Pan, and this steadfast warrior sets off to once again defend his family and save Henry.


Season 2

Charming is everything you would look for in the quintessential heroic prince.  Incredibly brave and selfless, he’s a born leader who doesn’t quit, even in the face of insurmountable odds. They say that true love is the most powerful magic of all, and Charming’s feelings for Snow provide him with the conviction and strength necessary to accomplish any task. However, when he awoke in Storybrooke after twenty-eight years in a coma as David Nolan, he appeared to be a man split in two. Unable to reconcile the life he was told he used to live—married to Kathryn Nolan—and the feelings he felt for Mary Margaret, David was plagued by indecision. Nevertheless, his inner strength and integrity always shone through, and now that the curse is finally broken, the charming hero inside David can rise to the surface once again.


Season 1

Perhaps the most fabled of all Fairy Tale princes, Charming is everything we already know him to be and more. Yes, he’s tall, noble, and handsome, but he’s also a leader of men and a battle-tested warrior entirely worthy of his royal status. He is a master swordsman—quick, decisive, pure of heart and every bit the epitome of a Fairy Tale prince.

When he learns of the Evil Queen’s latest scheme, he rallies the forces of good to find a way to stop it. Their plan is compromised, however, when Snow gives birth to Emma before Charming and his men are able to complete the wardrobe that will transport them to safety. Since the wardrobe can only protect one, Charming and Snow decide to place newborn Emma inside alone, hoping that she will someday return to free them.

Having been in a coma for as long as anyone can remember, David Nolan awoke with no name and no identity. Seemingly stirred to life by Mary Margaret reading him a story out of Henry's Fairy Tale book, David was found wandering the woods. Upon being returned to the hospital, he was reintroduced to his wife, Kathryn, whom he had been estranged from just before his disappearance. He and Kathryn have been trying to work out the problems in their marriage, but David can't help but feel drawn to Mary Margaret.


Josh Dallas on playing Prince Charming:

"Prince Charming: Wow... The pressure that comes along with that name! He's an everyman... A royal who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Confident and assured. Humble. Believes with his soul in true love... It outweighs everything.

It's great to be able to tell the untold stories of Prince Charming. And being allowed to swing a sword around is not too bad, either!"

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