Ginnifer Goodwin's Comic-Con Message

Ginnifer Goodwin's Comic-Con Message

Once Upon a Time fans at San Diego Comic-Con got their fairy-tale wish when Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), who was unable to attend in person, surprised them with a video call from set. Ginnifer shared her experiences as a new mom, and assured fans that she is not experiencing any post-partum moodiness.

Did you catch that cameo by Michael Socha? Does this mean his Once Upon a Time in Wonderland character, Knave, will be heading to the Enchanted Forrest soon? Only time will tell...

Check some of the most memorable moments for the babies of Once and tune in to the Once Upon a Time season premiere of SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 8|7c.


Emma and Henry get a second change at a new life together, starting from his birth. From the Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode, "The Outsider." 


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Rumplestiltskin meets his newborn son Baelfire and promises to never, ever leave him. From the Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode, "Manhattan." 


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 Mary Margaret and David are thrilled to finally have their baby — until the wicked Zelena arrives. From Once Upon a Time's Season 3 episode, "Kansas."