Once Upon a Time Recap: Dark Hook Kills Merlin in "Broken Heart"

Once Upon a Time Recap: Dark Hook Kills Merlin in "Broken Heart"

Welcome to the official Once Upon a Time recap for Season 5, Episode 10 “Broken Heart” (original airdate November 29, 2015). Hook embraces the darkness as the Dark One and is determined to exact his revenge on Rumplestiltskin once and for all. Meanwhile, Emma is on a mission to get the dreamcatchers and give everyone their memories back. See the results in the Magical Moments recap below.

Hurting Emma: Infuriated that she made him a Dark One, Hook taunts Emma, telling her he sees that she is an anchor to him – and now he’s a free man.  He reveals that he wants to hurt her like she hurt him. 


Operation Cobra: Part II: Emma catches Henry off-guard in the library and asks him for help in finding the dreamcatchers that Hook stole. While Henry doesn't seem to fully trust her, he agrees to help. 


Goodbye, Merlin: Emma walks into Granny’s only to find Hook with Merlin’s heart in his hand. Nimue is also there to help Hook exact his revenge. Concerned for his happy ending, Emma tries to talk him out of it, but it’s no use. Hook crushes Merlin’s heart, killing him. 


It's Over: As Mr. Gold admires Excalibur, Belle reveals the honest truth to him: he’s broken her heart too many times. While they now have a chance to make their relationship work, she doesn’t know if she wants it to work. She needs to protect her heart. 


Hook’s Dark Plan: Along with Apparition Rumplestiltskin, Hook stands by the pond – the same pond the Fury tried to drag Robin Hood. The pond holds a portal to the Underworld, and with Rumplestiltskin’s guidance, Hook summons Nimue and all of the Dark Ones from the portal to begin his dark plan. 


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