Once Upon a Time Recap Season 5 Episode 12: Meet Hades

Once Upon a Time Recap Season 5 Episode 12: Meet Hades

Welcome to the official Once Upon a Time recap for Season 5, Episode 12 “Souls of the Departed” (original airdate March 6, 2016). Emma is shocked when she awakens in her car outside an amusement park. Neal is there. This is not a dream. It’s a warning. Neal tells Emma to not venture into the Underworld. It’s a place for people with unfinished business. See what happens in a world down under in the Magical Moments recap for the 100th episode below.

Grave Danger: FLASH! Emma awakens with a start after receiving a warning from Neal. She and the other heroes are in a new version of Storybrooke. The dead walk the streets. For this version of Storybrooke is for those with unfinished business. This is the Underworld. Emma and the heroes use a potion Gold retrieved to conjure up Hook from his grave. What they see is quite disturbing.

Father-Daughter Reunion: Regina meets up with Cora, who warns her to leave. Her mother has arranged for a boat to take her home. She shows her the fiery fate she’ll receive if she doesn’t go back to Storybrooke. If she doesn’t leave, her father will suffer. That doesn’t matter to him though.

Father-Daughter Parting: As Regina helplessly looks on, Cora tries to send Henry to his death, but instead he is saved. Henry gets to meet his grandson and Regina gives her father a proper goodbye before he walks into the light.

Operation Firebird: When Regina and Henry reunite with the other heroes, they realize they can save those in the Underworld, despite Gold’s resistance. Henry gives their brand new mission a brand new name.

What a Hothead: Cora sneaks into the Underworld library where she meets with Hades (Greg Germann). When she doesn't deliver what she promised him, Hades punishes her by turning her back into the miller's daughter.


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